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Who wants to have some fun? 1977 Space Mountain Commercial


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OH MAN! SPACE MOUNTAIN!! The granddaddy of dark rides, space mountain was the best!! Anyone else ride on this when they were a kid? It's still just as scary now.

Yes!  And I just got back from a trip with one of my kids.  It's still really good, and huge amount of fun. 


I agree with you that the one in Florida is better.  Much larger.  And the only Space Mountain in the various Disney parks to NOT seat you side by side. 

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I wonder why, when they rebuilt it, they kept it all exactly the same??  I mean, it is an awesome little ride, I just wonder why they didn't "update" it (maybe a little more speed, etc.)?  I do really like the subwoofer blast, just as you gain "re-entry" (just as the pneumatic braking system engages)...awesome effect!  I still love that ride, although I have yet to experience the weird sounding "Ghost Galaxy" deal, or whatever it is they do to it @ Haloween. 

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