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I think everybody over 30 had a friend whose mom drove one of these.


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I saw this vintage '80s Chrysler K-Car today at the McDonald’s drive thru window. It looked brand new, like it had just been driven off of the showroom floor. It even had an "Antique" license plate to designate it as a collector's car. I couldn’t help but smile at the older couple driving it and take a pic to share with you guys. Something about K-Cars and McDonald’s just goes perfectly together.




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I once worked with a guy who drove a K-car in the 90's.  I asked him about it, and he corrected me rather sternly:  "It's not called a K-car...It's an Aries".  It took all my willpower not to say "Pffft". 

That old couple in the pristine K-Car/Aries is just awesome though.  I love how they must really love that car to take such good care of it.  Maybe they only pull it out and take the top down when the weather is good.  It's a great pic, I'm glad you shared it. 

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I drive a K-car now (Plymouth Acclaim) and it has been a good car. It's amazing what you can find sitting under a tree in a field sometimes. So far I have put almost 70,000 miles on it. Still purrs like a kitten. Had it 9 years now.


My mother, however, was not a fan of these kinds of cars. Mom was a sports car fanatic. A huge fan of Camaros and owned a few but also loved and owned a Datsun 280Z and ZX. After those she owned a Monte Carlo. All cars had T-Tops.


I on the other hand had one 84 Camaro RS, Cadillac Cimerron, Mazda 323, Mercury Sable, 79 Monte Carlo, Mercury grand Marquee with a Mustang 5.0 fuel injected V8, and now my 93 Acclaim. Out of all of those the Mazda has the most interesting story.

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