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Cracker Barrel's Mini Arcade Games (Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaxian, Space Invaders)

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So, I caught wind of this from someone on Facebook... then set out to get every one of them. Their post cost me $80 (as they are $19.99 each at Cracker Barrel) and while some claim they are unplayable (and they are a challenge to play at such a small level) I still find them incredibly enjoyable and just fun overall to have. Top part lights up, authentic sounds and gameplay... really great stuff for 20 bucks!


Any one else grab one yet?






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Thought about it but I already have a small collection of mini arcades forming with the bigfun ones from Wal-mart etc... And these are really small and not really practical for playing is my understanding.


Also, if you didn't know it has been confirmed that all 4 games reside in each unit. You can attach a dip-switch to some jumper points inside the thing to switch games between power cycles. 

See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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Yes, I found out about that neat little hack only moments after buying all 4 of them already lol but that's ok, I enjoy them and they look nice... and dare I say play nice as well. First time in my entire life that I can lie in bed and play an arcade machine, too! ;-)

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7800 - 130XE - XEGS - Lynx - Jaguar - ISO: Atari Falcon030 | STBook |STe


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