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Squad Challenge - Hogan's Alley (NES)


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:pole_position_blimp_big: Congratulations Everyone!



THAT'S SOME SHARP SHOOTING!! Congratulations to all who participated! This was our first Light Gun Squad Challenge. Hogan's Alley is a super fun game and was a good way to mix things up. Our winners for Game A, Game B, Game C and VS. Arcade System are all listed below. We had a lot of enthusiasm for this game which made this event really fun. Special thanks to Maximum RD for kicking off the idea for Hogan's Alley. Way to go guys!






:nintendo_mario_1up: GAME A :nintendo_mario_1up:  




1       Justin                                    79,500


2       Kid A                                     68,500


3       Arenafoot                             42,000


4       RickR                                    35,000





:nintendo_mario_1up: GAME B :nintendo_mario_1up:  




1       jmjustin6                             133,500


2       Justin                                    70,500


3       RickR                                    44,500





:nintendo_mario_1up: GAME C :nintendo_mario_1up: 




1       Justin                                  309,400


2       RickR                                  103,800





:nintendo_mario_1up: VS. ARCADE :nintendo_mario_1up:  




1       btbfilms76                          129,600




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Nice job all!  I brought up the rear in all cases!  But had a lot of fun anyways. 


I'm trying to share these events on social media sites to attract more players.  I will keep on trying. 





You posted a good score and you took the time to join in the event! I love to see everyone having a fun time with the events we do. Hoping to step these up to every other week soon. Thank you for sharing on social media and inviting others to participate, that will be a huge help!

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