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Cool acrylic Pinball table

Atari Creep

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I couldnt find a pinball section so if I missed it I'm sorry. Figured this would hebthe best place for this.


I was at a local amusement park tonight for their Halloween goings on and every time I go there I hang out in their large pinball room for some time. This was on display and cant remember if I had seen it before. Roped off so I didnt get to try it out.





Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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I've only seen that in pictures, that isn't at Canobie Lake Park is it ? (the idea to pay admission to a park to only play pinball though kind of dissuades me from going)

It is at Canobie Lake, right in the center of their Pinball room. No chance of playing it, I tried. lol I say go to CLP to enjoy the Scream Fest fun (if its your thing) and then go spend some time with it as I did. hahaha I studied it for almost a half hour from every direction and wish I had taken more images of it. At the end of the day it is just a Pinball table but one that is very unique and just fun to be around. 


Now I sound like a weirdo. hahaha And I am ok with that.

Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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