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The Twilight Zone 2019


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So last night during the superbowl they played a commercial for a new Twilight Zone series hosted by Jordan Peele. Not much has been said in the commercial or on the internet.

What are yalls thoughts? The Original series might be my favorite show ever and I hope they dont mess this one up. I remember in 2002 they brought it back and some episodes I liked but over all I wasnt too impressed. 

Now dont get me wrong i really like Jordan Peele. Hes hilarious in a ton of different shows and movies, but when it comes to The Twilight Zone I'm not sure why they would pick a comedian to host a si-fi "horror" show. 

Anyway I'd love to hear yalls thoughts on this one cause I'm sure we have some TZ fans in here


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I'm hopeful but skeptical. Of course it will come down to the stories. The original series had some amazing writers for the time. I don't know much about Jordan, but he doesn't seem to have the gravitas to be the host, but then again, it's hard to find someone worthy of Rod Serlings shoes. I think someone like Liam Neeson or James Earl Jones could pull it off. I also hope they don't go too dark or TV-MA with it. I really enjoyed TZ as a kid and even though there were some creepy moments, it was something the whole family could watch together. 

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Most every time an old show is redone (Twilight Zone,  Outer Limits, Star Trek, etc), there's 'diminishing returns' you might say.    It's worth nothing this is the third time TZ is being revived (the first time was in the mid-80s).  In regards to the original TZ series, Rod Serling's narration was certainly memorable, but it was the quality of the writing/writers that made that show iconic.   So many of the ideas and topics from that original run were truly ground-breaking, and still reverberate through other shows and films today.  That was science-fiction when most of it was still truly fiction.  There were shows depicting people traveling to other planets years before the first satellite (Sputnik) went into orbit, let alone the first person to reach outer space.  Take a show like The Lonely (prob my fav TZ episode).  Within 5 minutes, you completely forget it's in b&w and filmed in some barren area.  The story and acting just grab you and everything else melts away. 



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