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Looking to buy a Lynx

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I only know of the LCD screen mod for Lynx.  I am unsure if there are more or not.

Your biggest issue you will come across is with the system's original screen as these do fade in picture quality over time.  My Lynx II doesn't have that issue so I've never felt the need to do an upgrade and I prefer original gear anyway even when they are faulty.

I've used both Lynx models and the second one is a bit more comfortable in my opinion.  It also is the only model to offer stereo sound.  It also moved the cartridge slot in a spot that made more sense.  The first model has been known to have issues with paint flaking which exposes the white plastic underneath.  No matter which model you pick make sure you get an as adapter for it because these systems will eat through batteries in no time.  The second model has an auto shutoff feature if left on too long without playing it.  Not sure if the first model has that.  

If you do get one that comes with games and it will not turn on then try cleaning the game carts.  The Lynx is designed to not power on if no game is inserted and dirty carts will emulate the Lynx not having a cart inserted.  I discovered this recently and was scared my Lynx had bit the big one but it was just a dirty cart.

As for games there are lots to choose from including world famous arcade hits and a few that were exclusive to the system like STUN Runner.  APB was on both the Lynx and ST but plays best on the Lynx in my opinion.  The same can be said for Blue Lightning.  

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I think a screen upgrade is a must.  Several of us here have the McWill screen upgrade, and it's totally worth it.  The original screen has pretty bad refresh rate, so you see a lot of ghosting on action games.  Games like "Pinball Jam" become so much easier to see if you get a screen upgrade.  I think these days there are a couple of options for the type of screen you can use, but IMO, it's totally worth it.  Search the forums for the word "McWill" and see what comes up.

If you get a screen upgrade, you'll have the option of also adding a VGA out (or other type of output), but that one seems much less necessary to me.  I think if you do YouTube reviews, it would be a nice to have. 

The other "must" in my opinion is the mult-cart that you get via a guy in Poland on the AtariAge forums.  Every game on one cart for a very reasonable price.  I still collect games for the Lynx, but they are not that easy to find. 

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There is also the BennVenn LCD upgrade. It is only available for the model 2 version of the Lynx, but it is also half the cost of the McWill kit and in some respects, I like the way it looks over the McWill kit along with being much easier to install. But the BennVenn kits sell out pretty quickly too so it can be a challenge to snag one.


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BTW as we were talking about this before. BennVenn has his Jpn assembled LCD kits in stock for the LynxII again. The price went up but that is because the kits include the 3D printed bracket now instead of that being a separate purchase. Looks like Benn took my advise on that since I really think the bracket should have been included to begin with.

Anyway, I've installed a few of the BennVenn kits now and they really are comparable to the McWill with really the only feature missing being that the BV kit isn't able to do VGA out.

Anyway, I've got two on order and wanted to pass along the info in case anyone else was looking to get one for their Lynx II systems.


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