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Doctor Octagon

Custom Tempest 2000 Arcade Cabinet

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This is really cool Tempest 2000 arcade cabinet conversion done by Jeff Mathews at Classic Arcade Restorations, for Eric Clayberg. Eric posts:




Internally, it's running a 1994 Atari Jaguar and the Tempest 2000 game designed by Jeff Minter (which is itself a remake of the Dave Theurer 1981 arcade classic, Tempest - my all time favorite!). Externally, it is designed to look like an actual dedicated co-op arcade game that could have actually been built by Atari. The attention to detail is amazing (as expected from Jeff!)... custom marquee, control panel, side art, etc. It also has a kick ass sound system built in that does incredible justice to the amazing Tempest 2000 soundtrack. Jeff spent several months researching and building this project, and I am utterly amazed by the results.


You can see more photos here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+EricClayberg/posts/24S4MoGoCns











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