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Warlords graphics. What the heck is that thing?


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I'm talking about the thing inside each castle.  What exactly is it?

  • A two-point flag?
  • A dude sitting down?
  • A knight from the torso up (the top part is his head with the face shield down, the bottom, his torso with a lance sticking out)? 
  • WTF?

Here is the manuals description.  It's a "warlord". 


Help me solve this question that's been bothering me for 40 years.



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@RickR GREAT POST, GREAT QUESTION!! I've been asking myself this for 30 years! What the heck? Once I played the original arcade version of Warlords I realized that what I had been playing all along was The Atari 2600 approximation of what was in the arcades. But still, what the heck is that thing? How is that supposed to be a "Warlord"? It looks like one of the cities from Missile Command toppled over on its side.

For a long time I accepted that it was supposed to be a crown, but I'm not so sure that it's not one half of the "Darth Vader Warlord" face from the arcades:


warlords_1.jpg   warlords_3.jpg   warlords_4.jpg

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