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Review of Midnight Mutants

7800 Pro Gamer

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Evil plagued a colonial town for far too long. It's influence has allowed villains to infiltrate high ranking positions. The doctors soaked their victim eyeballs in tainted blood and performed witchcraft under the full moon light.  Men turned their back to god as their skin rotted, and they took the form of wild beasts and animals.  But one night, the villagers had enough, and the vile Dr Evil was burnt at the stake.  His evil reign had come to an end. "I'll be back" he screamed, and many years later in 1992, his promise was kept.  

That is more or less the beginning of Midnight Mutants. Of course in game it's shown as a man being burned at the stake. "Burn witch" and "I'll be back" proceed the next screen. "I'm back" says the witch seconds later.  Unfortunately it's more comical than anything, but there's an actual story and that's all that matters!  Your grampa (Al Lewis) has been imprisoned and it's up to you to save him from the newly resurrected Dr Evil.

Graphically, the isometric view takes some getting used to, but most other details are pretty good.  The environments are varied as you explore a mansion, pumpkin patch, caves, a pirate ship, forests and more.  And while the environments look good, it's easy to get lost within them at first.  Some more landmarks within them would've been nice, but it's really not that bad once you learn each area. 

Your character stands out nicely but looks a little dopey. If you push the second button you'll see a nice detailed image of Al Lewis, who offers insight and humor on your adventure. This screen also acts as your inventory and a pause as well. The enemies look pretty good, even if the zombie is recycled over and over again with different heads. 

There are a few different tunes that play but for the most part you'll hear the same ones over and over again.  Good thing that they are well composed and catchy. I can honestly say I never got annoyed by them. There are few other sound effects that sound appropriate but you can tell it's the TIA chip producing them. 

The isometric view can make moving and attacking difficult sometimes, but is easy enough to overcome.  Some may say that finding items and objectives are difficult and hard to figure out. I say no more so than Zelda for the NES. And that's an all time classic. It's just the way games were back then, and if you ever become truly stuck, just use a walkthrough.  

You may need a guide to get you started, but once you get going Midnight Mutants charm will draw you in. Large, fantastic looking bosses and discovering new areas are your reward for sticking with the game. It's a difficult game, and the difficulty only increases in the later half of the game, but it's not impossible.  I found an incredible amount of fun in Midnight Mutants. And a lot of replay value to boot. 

Midnight Mutants is our Zelda. No, it's not quite as good but its still a fantastic adventure for 7800 owners. And it's one that each 7800 owner needs to experience.  There is a bit of a barrier to entry with the isometric perspective making the controls and aiming more difficult than it needs to be.  And figuring out what to do or where to go isn't always obvious. But both of those can be easily overcome, and you'll be rewarded with a deep, unique adventure with visuals to die for!  So what are you waiting for?  Grampa needs or help!

Graphics 8 out of 10

Sound 7 out of 10

Gameplay 7 out of 10

Value 9 out of 10

Overall 8 out of 10 Great!


Let me know if you agree!  And sorry if it's not perfect but I wrote it on a phone that doesn't always work the best.

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