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Atari 50th Anniversary

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On June 27, 1972, business partners Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney formally incorporated Atari, Inc. in Sunnyvale, CA. Next Monday, June 27, 2022, is the 50th Anniversary of Atari!

While the brand has undergone countless changes over the years, the legacy of Atari endures.

Whichever era of Atari that you're a fan of, the brand has likely provided you with cherished memories of friends and family, awesome gameplay experiences, and has brought us all here to this great community at Atari I/O!

How will you be celebrating Atari's 50th?


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Well, true to form and being honest, I did play my Jaguar last night for Atari's 50th anniversary. It was a fun time, too. I played Dragon's Lair and Hover Strike. I loved doing that, too. You have got to love retro gaming technology. I think, in some ways, Atari games might be better than what's out there now. It depends on the games. Thanks for letting me share and happy 50th to Atari! :O)

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Atari just dropped the trailer for Atari 50. It looks like a game anthology with interviews. The cool thing is it has six new games, plus Lynx and Jaguar titles! The Jaguar titles alone are going to be worth the price of entry. The video has Atari Karts, Fight for Life, T2K, Missile Command 3D, Cybermorph and more...


Coming in November!



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