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Club VCS Recharged Squad Challenge Giveaway (SERIES THREE)


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From January 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023 we will play six VCS games.  After the last game, we will hold a drawing for a brand new Atari Speaker Hat!

Untitled design(1).png

For this series, we're applying some lessons learned from the first round AND providing even more chances to win!

Here are the rules:

1)  All challenge participants will receive one (1) entry for each challenge in which they submit a valid score!

2) The top scorer of each challenge will receive two (2) additional entries - for a total of three (3) entries in a single challenge!

3) On Twitch or Youtube?  Stream or record and post your ClubVCS high score attempt for one (1) additional entry in each round.  You must post a link to the video link to that month's Recharged Squad Challenge. 


Yes! We've made another set of ClubVCS buttons to celebrate the games in this series. There will be two ways to get a button set.

1) Win a challenge.

2) Post a valid score to all challenges in the 6 game series.

Only one button set will be mailed per member during the series.

This contest is open to everybody, including Atari I/O Moderators, with a U.S. or Canada mailing address. It's really easy, all you have to do is be a Club VCS member in good standing and participate in our Recharged Squad Challenges.


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My apologies to everyone that I did not post the SERIES THREE prize reveal sooner!  I guess better late than never. 😉

I will post the SERIES FOUR rules/prize once we announce the winner of this series.  I anticipate that we'll do a drawing between now and mid-August. 

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Here are the contest entry totals for all rounds.  You can see the games, players and entries awarded per round in the table below.

@Dinobot711 - 1 Entry

@D.joe - 8 entries

@killersquirel - 3 entries

@Marco1019 - 3 entries

@Mockduck - 12 entries

@RickR - 3 entries

@Sabertooth - 7 entries

@soapyjennawenna - 1 entry

@socrates63 - 1 entry

@stirrell - 2 entries

@Stlrs95 - 2 entries

@Smell Dawg - 3 entries

@Yorkies TV- 3 entries

There are 49 entries total.  If anyone wishes to withdrawal, please let me know by Friday, October 6, 2023, 11:59 PST. 




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