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Lunar Lander: Beyond (In Development)


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Release Date: TBD

Retail: TBD

Developer: Dreams Uncorporated

Publisher: Atari

Official Site


As a newly appointed captain of the Pegasus corporation, you must guide a roster of colorful pilots, eclectic advisors and state-of-the-art landers through a taxing series of missions. Deliver cargo, retrieve resources, and rescue stranded pilots as you navigate a mysterious universe of moons and planets.

It’s a thankless job, replete with tension and  danger, and it takes a psychological toll on your crew. But someone has to keep this unseen lifeblood of the interplanetary economy moving. 

When a mysterious portal appears, leading to a strange, unexplored planet, you will find you are on a collision course with some sinister truths that lie unseen behind the universe.  Poor flying and fatigue will stress your pilots, and can lead to sensory illusions … the bane of long-haul solo pilots. They may start to see things that may not be real – is that a mine or a fish? And what’s with those celestial pink elephants?! 

With multiple pilots, four ships and a dozen upgrades to collect, you can get the job done if you can manage it all …  if not, the stakes are high, and not just for your career.


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Posted (edited)

There has been a lot of confusion regarding Lunar Lander: Beyond and whether or not the game will be published on the VCS.

First, the VCS was not mentioned in the press release, nor did the logo appear at the end of the YouTube trailer. The VCS logo did appear on the version of trailer posted to Atari's website.

Second, in response to the confusion/speculation the above omission caused, Atari's Discord community manager posted the following clarification(s):



All good, right? Not so fast! Enter Atari VP of Games who stated that Lunar Lander: Beyond is not "confirmed" for the VCS.


Speculation ensued on both the Atari Games server and the Atari VCS server. Obviously, Atari diehards are rightfully upset.

Time will tell what happens, but I'm curious, what are your thoughts? Will you purchase and play this game if not released for the VCS? What does this mean for Atari's support of the platform going into 2024?

Sound off!

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3 minutes ago, - Ω - said:

I'd love to have Lunar Lander on the 5200!  Back in the day it was one of my favorite games.  And to this day I will NOT admit to how many quarters I dropped into that game.

This is a really good idea.  That 5200 analog joystick would be a real benefit to a Lunar Lander game. 

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11 hours ago, RickR said:

This is a really good idea.  That 5200 analog joystick would be a real benefit to a Lunar Lander game. 

Absolutely!  I usually use an all-in-one digital stick, but for that game it would be worth pulling out my old digital stick... or even consider making a 3D printed Lunar Lander type handle overlay just for that game.



<<< My YouTube Page >>>

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