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John Hancock - Block'em Sock'em Atari 7800 (Demo Available)


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Darryl told me that he was working on a Block'em Sock'em port for John Hancock, but mum was the word. I saw he posted a thread about it on AA so I figured it was not posted here yet and it was ok to post. So here you go. 🙂

It is a great looking port, like the rest of the ports he has done. 😄 Has Yamaha Sound chip support and looks fun.


Repost of his info from the AA thread:

Here is a demo of Block'Em Sock'Em, for the Atari7800. At the time that I started this, the Jaguar port had not been released, so this version more closely resembles the Genesis version. However, there are some new changes.


Basic Game Play

You start out with a star block, which can destroy any color block. It will change to the color you destroy. Once you have a color block, you can only destroy blocks of the color in which you hold. (It does not take on the color, like the more recent Jaguar version.) If you do not have any moves left, pressing Fire 2 and Joystick Down will escape the level. If you have enough points, you can "buy" a continue with your score.  (Novice, Normal, Expert = "1000", "2500", "5000" Points)


Here are some changes that are unique to the 7800 Version



The value per block destroyed doubles with each consecutive block, up to 75 points per block.

1st Block        = 15 Pts.

2nd Block        = 30 Pts.

3rd Block        = 45 Pts.

4th Block        = 60 Pts.

5th Block & Up = 75 Pts.



There are 3 potential ways to get bonus points

Once the goal is met, John gets "Free Throws" on his way out the door. Try to solve the puzzles in a way that allow extra point grabs!

Remaining Tosses left: Any unused tosses are worth 250 point, after John exits the round!

Remaining Blocks on the board: If there are less than 4 blocks on the board, the following bonus is added

3 Blocks = 1,000 Points

2 Blocks = 2,500 Points

1 Block  = 5,000 Points

0 Blocks= 10,000 Points!!!


Download it from the AA thread.

Block'Em Sock'Em 7800 - Atari 7800 - AtariAge Forums



 Free to download--> Carrot Kingdom™- :atari_2600: - Released 5/11/2021

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11 minutes ago, TrekMD said:

This looks very nice and it sounds great!  It's using the Yamaha chip!  I want this when he releases it.

2 minutes ago, Silver Back said:

Absolutely it does!   I'm so glad Darryl is releasing another 7800 game, his port of Popeye was awesome!   Can't wait to pick this one up eventually!

Agreed it looks like a great release to pick up when it gets released physically. 😄

Another great port, Darryl's Pengo/Pento port is great too.


 Free to download--> Carrot Kingdom™- :atari_2600: - Released 5/11/2021

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