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Seattle Retro Computing Society - Aug 26, 2023


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During the covid pandemic, I had gotten in touch with Joe Decuir and exchanged emails with him. He told me about the Seattle Retro Computing Society (SRCS) and how he usually attends all the meet ups. I found out that SRCS resumed their monthly meeting a few months ago. He promised to sign my Atari stuff if I brought it to him, so two months ago, I attended my first SRCS. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it. I tried again in July, and something else came up last minute, and he didn't make it. This time, I confirmed with him a week ago that he was going to attend.

Although I had a wedding to attend in the afternoon, i grabbed my son (who took a class from Joe) and we went to the meeting. When I walked in, the meeting organizer informed me that Joe was waiting for me. I promptly introduced myself, and we spoke for a while. Well, he did most of the talking and told me a bunch of stuff. I'm blown away by his generosity, openness, and eagerness to engage anyone who wants a few minutes of his time.

Here's the stuff I brought for him to sign. I think it's super cool that someone of his stature in the history of computing lives in the area and is very active. The fact that he was part of the group that designed the 800 (my first computer love) is what prompted me to seek him out. @RickR I confirmed with Joe that he was willing to meet with us for lunch so come on up next month.







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PS - I've met him already once at PRGE.  I was first in line for one of his meet and greets and we chatted for a good long while until I felt so guilty for all those people behind me and I finally said goodbye.  He won't remember of course, but I sure do.  As you said, he's such a gracious person.  An inspiration.  Thanks very much for this post. 

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