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Atari 2600/VCS Game Hacks

D r Clu

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Creating a mirror of hacks created in the past. I've posted mine to start this off, but I'm opening this up for everyone to add their favorite game hacks, either what you've made, or ones you've really enjoyed.  If you didn't make the hack, make sure to note who did the hack.


Battlestar Galactica:Space Attack (Fan hack 2018)

Originally posted August 29, 2018

A hack of a hack, that was later hacked again. 

Honorable mention is the 2008 fan hack of Space Attack to Battlestar Galactica. Good to see there is other BSG fans out there, and also glad that we have perhaps hacking tools over the last ten years.  The purpose of this hack, as a big fan of the 1979-1980 Battlestar Galactica, was to get the squadrons in the proper color according to the show.  And I hunted down the code for changing the colors of the Cylon's shots from red to blue.  And also worked to change the fonts to be more like the show, as well as the in game sprites.




Battlestar Galactica-DC R01.bin

I found my notes on this BSG hack which I've added. Took a few hours to find the values that were changed and didn't want to have to hunt them down again later.


Think we did good making that classic viper look:



Do you have an Atari Jaguar and a way to load roms?   You can play this game through 2600 emulation on the Atari Jaguar!



Sci-Fi Pack 01 (November 6, 2022)  Select option 1 at the menu

    Normal Difficulty

vvcs-Sci-Fi Pack B.bin
    Hard Difficulty

vvcs-Sci-Fi Pack A.bin


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"V" or "Alien Visitors Are Our Friends"
(Cosmic Ark Hack)

Originally posted September 18, 2018



Travel for the homeworld to a remote and troubled planet.

In exchange of technology and medical assistance also help them with their overpopulation problem while attaining food for our world.

Despite all the above mentioned service, the troubled planet might misunderstand and resist you. Power through, you as a "Visitor" are their greatest friend and ally and a tribute to our race.





Alien Visitors Are Our Friends.bin


This fun project was started on a Battlestar Galactica (Space Attack hack) thread by Marcallie when he said:

"This is great! Now go re-theme Cosmic Ark as V: The Final Battle."

> Interesting. The Visitors collect humans while Earth forces try to stop you from eating their population?

"Exactly! It would be very cool to play as the bad guys for once, right?"

Actually sounded like a fun idea so I spent some time giving this more of a "V" the sci-fi series feel. The title was actually inspired by this shot..


I worked to change the numbers to that of the Visitors. There was not a number system that I was able to find from the 1983 version of "V", but "V" in 2009 had a set of numbers:


So the score, since you are the Visitors afteral, is in their number set.

The random animals for the ark are replaced with humans. The running characters were inspired by Choplifter on the Atari 800

post-4709-0-37687900-1535945121.png.f0a7f352abac1245a40a3438edff6284.png post-4709-0-46999800-1535945113.png.a61a58bc2f6f072369b3fda1bc9dabcf.png

The humans go from waving happy to see the aliens, to running. Then I left the dog because, how dare the Visitors take the dogs!! After that the humans are wielding guns, running in terror, and later with portable rocket launchers. (they don't fire, but the Visitors have plenty of other things to worry about by then) .

The Visitors are attacked by Earth forces who stole some of the Visitor's Sky Fighters.


Was a fun project. Enjoy playing the Visitor side of this story.

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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 
[Hack of Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom]

Originally posted August 25, 2018

"Get out your card decks and backgammon boards, lucky Buck is Back!"



Played Buck Rogers on the Retron 77 and enjoyed it, but said to myself the same thing I've said over the years "If only Buck Rogers had a Thunderfighter like in the 1980s TV show. OH WAIT... I sprite hack now!"

Was able to change the hero ship to more of a Thunderfighter look from the showl.  Also was able to change the enemy ships to a more Hatchet fighter look.  The main villain ship was not changed yet.  There might be more tinkering later, but probably not.

The main title screen got the most work:


I was able to work in the look of the in show fonts:



Bidi Bidi Bidi... Go get 'em... Buck!


Buck Rogers-25th Century 04 .bin




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BSG (Battlestar Galactica) - Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Hack

Originally Posted March 27, 2019



A brilliant hack started by the mass hacker, Jamcat, who came up with the concept of turning the Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator into a Colonial Viper game for Battlestar Galactica.  I futher modified the sprites mostly for the on radar Viper, and in game fonts.

This was also my most successful tinker with Stella to find the values for the sound and tone.  So the intro music, and when you take out Baltar's ship, were both given more Battlestar related music.



I've had hours of fun with this game.  Might see if I can do further hacks on this one, but the next step will require moving the location of objects on the screen around. 

In the meantime, there are those who believe...


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Moon Patrol, three wheel hack.

Originally posted May 31, 2018

Also a hack of a hack, but this one I worked to get the colors closer, the sprites closer, and I worked and worked on giving the moon buggy the three wheels that would spin using the eight pixels available.  The result:

Pink buggy (like the body of the car in the arcade)

MoonPatrol_DC 3Wg.bin

Black (like the wheels)

MoonPatrol_DC 3Wg2.bin

(Black buggy version awarded 2nd place in the Best Game Hack 2018) - 23 Feb 2018

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Miner 2049er -

We have the technology... we can make him faster, we can make him better, we can make him look less like Zoidberg and more like Bounty Bob...


My involvement started August 18, 2018

Thomas Jentzsch gave the game a well needed oomf of speed it really needed by "chang(ing) a counter variable, which controls the frames between each step of the miner. ".  From there, just worked to combine improvements people had found mixed with sprite improvements.   And after this received the hack award, alfredtdk would make additional improvements to this hack.  😄



Sooo many improvements, like the sprite upgrade, getting the color on the mutant to vary between frames giving it a flashing effect, and then later, shrinking the mutant sprite so that it was more reasonable to jump over the mutants.

And as usual, a update to the font to make it more like the Atari 800 version.

but the main improvements come to:

Miner 2049er 07.bin

Miner 2049er V2 03.bin

Remember the game is in two parts.  Something I would like to combine both into one rom some day.  And maybe create the missing levels from the Atari 800 version.

So then this game won first place in the Hack Awards, which I made sure Thomas also received a trophy as well:




After that, a version 8 was made.  And various sprite versions were made.  Haven't yet got around to updating the second part of the game with these sprite versions, but we have this for now:


Miner 2049er 08-Bob.bin

Miner 2049er 08-Hob.bin

Miner 2049er 08-Rob.bin

Miner 2049er 08-Slob.bin


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Scraper Caper w/ Bounty Bob ("Fire Fighter" hack)

Originally posted September 5, 2018


In Miner 2049er you helped the legendary mountie, Bounty Bob, track the villainous Yukon Yohan through an abandoned uranium mine - all six levels (in volume 1 & Volume 2) - grabbing buried treasure and avoiding deadly radioactive mutants along the way.

Well, that was only the beginning!

Yukon Yohan has escaped to the city and Bounty Bob is after him!

Only this time Bob has taken a job as a fireman to stop Yukon Yohan's current crime wave of arsony. While Yukon maniacally laughs above the level of the building he has torched, Bounty Bob must somehow reach Yukon quickly before more of the building is lost.


(For the best challenge, select level 9 to stop Yukon from torching a city block!! ]

Scraper Caper R01.bin




Some behind the scenes of the creation of this fan hack. Just want to say to Big Five Software : Thanks for Bounty Bob, a long time favorite gaming character from my childhood. Played many hours of Miner 2049er on the Atari 800.

So this picture should explain a little bit of what went into turning a random panicked man into Yukon Yohan, the villain we heard so much about but never saw in a game. I figured it was time to change that.


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Moomin - Snorkmaiden's Rescue (Hack of Smurf)

Originally posted September 19, 2019


ClassicGamer74 reached out to me to help hack the Smurf Rescue game to the Moomin character since his daughter likes the Moomins.   What are the Moomins?   A popular Italian Anime is best I can tell.  Watched a little bit of it, pretty trippy.  Working on the game was fun changing this and that to give it more of a Moomin feel and less of a Smurf feel.  Threw a wrench into the music so while it may not play a Moomin tune, at least it's not the Smurf's.     ClassicGamer74 got a cart printed for his daughter, she loved it, and well, that is all that matters here.  And ClassGamer74 learned some things about sprite hacking.   Good times. 


Welcome to Moominvalley!  This is the home of Moomin and his friends and family.  For over 60 years children around the world have been fascinated by the stories of Moomin, Snufkin, Little My, and the others.  In recent years these characters have started to become recognized in America, whereas they have been a cultural phenomena in Northern Europe, the UK, and Japan for years. 

Game Story:

Stinky is at it again!  This time he tricked Snorkmaiden into visiting a giant's house on Lonely Mountain.  He told her that he'd seen a beautiful tiara and that the giant would gladly let her have it.  After she climbed onto a high shelf, Stinky ran off laughing!  Now poor Snorkmaiden is stuck and cannot get down.  Only Moomin can save the day!

Guide Moomin through Moomin Valley past the giant hattifattener, across the winding river, up the steps into lonely mountain, past that darn Stinky, and finally rescuing Snorkmaiden from the high shelf! 

Once you rescue her you have to do it again, and this time it gets harder!  Not only do you have to deal with the same hazards as before but a mean old crow, a pair of hattifatteners and a bat are trying to stop you!  How many times can you rescue Snorkmaiden?

This game wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of doctorclu.  He spent many hours working on and perfecting this game.  Even when I thought it was okay and passable, he kept on, wanting it to be great.  It was my daughter and I's idea but it was his vision.





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BUBSY : Kitt'N Kaboodle

(hack of "Fast Eddie" by Gremlin)

Originally posted October 20, 2017

Where all the hacks started.   Being a big fan of Bubsy Bobcat, I wanted a version of Bubsy on the Atari 2600.  It was so exciting seeing the original hero sprite for Fast Eddie changed from this...


To this!


And this was made possible by Hack-O-Matic 3.  Then KevinMos3 who has already made many good color hacks for Atari 2600 and 7800 games demonstrated how to find the color codes:

And after 22 revisions the character arrived at the latest version.   Shown below, how Bubsy compares to the Bubsy of the Genesis/SNES/Jaguar versions:


The game was released at the same time that Bubsy:The Woolies Strike Back was being released, so naturally being a huge Bubsy fan, I used this game hack as a fun way to advertise the new Bubsy games.

The game description to follow:


The Woolies are at it again stealing Bubsy's stuff and this time they stole EVERYTHING and stored it on the Rayon sister planet of Kaboodle!!! Bubsy will need to JUMP OVER the Woolies to get it all back. In the game you'll see objects Bubsy needs to collect on based on items he collected in...
Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind.
Bubsy 2
Bubsy Fractured Furry Tales
Bubsy 3D
Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Respective

 And even the newest which came out recently that I'm enjoying...

Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back   

Bubsy: Paws on Fire


Bubsy needs his memories or he'll stay a kitten furrever!!




The Game Manual contributed by another Bubsy fan:


And there was a Bubsy: Holiday Special too...


Bubsy0 R21-HS.bin







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😲Very kind of you sharing all your amazing work with us. Well guess I will be adding a D r Clu Game Hacks folder to my Harmony cart! 👍

I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

"For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday."

 - M. Bison

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