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Recharged Squad Challenge 024 - Caverns of Mars: Recharged

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 default_pole_position_blimp_big.gifCongratulations MOCKDUCK!


Congratulations @Mockduck!  He takes the win in our Caverns of Mars: Recharged Challenge!

@Mockduck deftly piloted his craft to the center of the red planet, destroying the Martian core and taking the top spot with 221,935!  @Sabertooth broke the 200K barrier to take second with 201,265.  @Cryptocoffee13 blasted through Martian defenses with 199,365 for a third place finish.  @Atari 5200 Guy blistered underground cities with a solid score of 87,025.  @socrates63 and @RickR rounded out the final standings with 50,480 and 5,410, respectively.

If you want to see a solid run and gameplay strategy, I encourage you to check out Mockduck's video in the post above. 

As the winner of this round @Mockduck will receive three entries, plus a bonus entry for sharing his attempt on YouTube!  That's four (4) entries total!

Everyone else will receive one entry!

I'd like to encourage @Mockduck to post this high score on the Scoreboard so we can make sure this Challenge continues on!

The red planet is a hostile place where only the best pilots survive.  Congratulations to Mockduck on a fantastic win and to everyone else who jumped in!  MPG was the MVP of this round!


NOTE: Series Five of the Recharged Squad Challenge  continues with Berzerk: Recharged!  Be There!


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