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What Atari 8 Bit Games Do You Recommend?

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I'm sure I'm not alone here in getting the 400 mini and having no previous experience with the 8 bits.  I downloaded a ROM set of 5,000 games but I don't want that many on the unit.  So my question is simple; what are the must plays and what are the hidden gems on the Atari 8 bit computers?  Any and all recommendations appreciated!  Thank you!

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OK, I consider myself an expert on the Atari 8-bit computers because I had one since 82 and love it still.  There are TONS of great games, so it would be hard to give a limited list.  

Given that you know the 7800 so well, you should consider starting with the 7800 conversions.  One on One basketball (more stark graphics, but faster gameplay), Karateka (absolutely a classic on 8-bit, but you'll need a keyboard), Ballblazer (faster than 7800 on OLDER technology), Donkey Kong (faster, better sound), etc.  I think that will give you a great perspective on how well designed the 8-bits were.  

Beyond that and also beyond the great included games, you MUST check out Blue Max, Preppie 1 and 2, Archon, and many more.  


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2 hours ago, MistaMaddog said:

Final Legacy is an absolute classic Atari 8-bit game.  It combines Star Raiders, Missile Command and Battlezone in one naval adventure.

And you only need a joystick to play, though to get out of the sub-games immediately you have to press the Space Bar.

Sub, that reminds me, I used to love Silent Service when I was younger.


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