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  1. I collect old magazines, mainly german mags! Telematch, which was a partnermag of Electronic Games, Happy Computer, PowerPlay, Video Games, Man!ac [sic!], Mega Fun, Fun Generation, Next Level and so on. And for sure many Amiga magazines like the Amiga Special, Amiga Magazin an of course the Amiga Joker, which still has many fans until today!
  2. Very nice! I love that game! You may laugh, but i like the SMS-version and play it a lot. The Saturn-version is also great and nearly arcadeperfect! But i am afraid, it's japan-only! But for now i take a look at the 32X-version. Looks really great!
  3. Hm, Amiga games! I have a bunch of good memories! 1. North & South A strategy game about secession war, based on a french comic. Highly recommended. 2.Defender of the Crown Conquer England in less than half an hour. I still love the graphics done by Jim Sachs. 3. Wings Great game about WWI. 4. No greater glory Again civil war. Great strategy game made by SSI. 5.The Chaos Engine Gauntlet styled game by the Bitmap Brothers and brutally difficult. 6. Fightin ' Spirit Ok, a Street Fighter II clone, but look at Street Fighter games in their Amiga Iteration! Sad story! 7. Lionheart Brilliant plattformer with epic audiovisual presentation. 8. Lords of the rising sun Defender of the Crown sequel, settled in medieval japan with a more elaborate gameplay. 9.Flight of the Amazon Queen Very funny Point&Click-Adventure not done by LucasArts. 10. Populous Very good RTS game. I could name many further titles, especially the games of Cinemaware or others, which were also published on PC or consoles.
  4. Yes, but the marketing side of things could be a question of to be or not to be! Do they believe in their own product? I have my doubts, because they seem to take fright at publishing it. They have announced the Box nearly one year ago and want to publish it in a year. Sorry, but they haven't the PS5 or Xbox Two to offer. They can't tell me now, what i'll get for my money, but i have to pay now for a clammy handshake. This is not reputable. And that kills my euphoria.
  5. No, it do not hurts, it kills! It kills euphoria, that VCS box thing and finally Atari itself! Meanwhile Atari seems to be an equivocal little rat shop! And that is imho the killing factor! First i am angry, than sad about that! It would be so wonderful to see a new hardware with the Fuji logo on it, but that mess has such a bitter taste, especially for the old Atari fans, they want to attend to! So i prefer to play on the old Atari systems, which i am able to touch with my own god-given hands!
  6. In that case, i prefer tacos! I ask myself, why aren't they selling their Atari VCS in shops or by retailers? Even in Germany many newspapers, gaming magazines and internetpages are informing about their new console, the Flashback 8 Gold can be found in consumer electronics retailer shops etc. The VCS will be delivered in spring 2019? Hm, i think, in that time the PS5 hype train is on its way. Could be really a bad decision to publish the baby in that time. What they really need is a bunch of interesting games. The real VCS was a success for that reason. The name Atari VCS is only interesting for the old Atari fans, no contemporary gamer and no gaming kids are interested in a Linux computer with woodfront finish and a lack of fresh titles. I was really excited about the first news about the Ataribox and i grant success to the new Atari, but i do not think, that this Atari VCS would be successful. Not in the way, they choose to market their product. And sorry for that... but that Centipede snippet makes me laugh. The Tramiels always were bashed for their management decisions and marketing, but compared to that, they were the kings of the hill!
  7. Compared with DOS and early Windows, the AmigaOS was lightyears ahead. Even rockhard PC-Users i knew in that time had agreed about that.
  8. I own four Junior-models: 2x with big rainbow, 1x with small rainbow, 1x the Black Beauty. Needless to say, they are all PAL-models. And yes, they have a nice'ncrisp picture on TV-screen. I think, that Atari had published a lot of great and decent games in the late 80ies. So i always have a good feeling, when i see the Juniors or the games in red boxes.
  9. 1. In those days (1986) i had a C64 and was curious about the new Amiga. In 1986 i saw my first A1000 in a Commodore-Shop and was totally flashed about Graphics, Sound and first of all the GUI. Back at home, the C64 was soo outdated! But the costs of 6000 Deutsche Mark were my way back to reality! 2.Everything about the girl. The Games and the possibilities of that machine. 3. 1989 i got my A500 and was happy about it. Playing games was certainly the destiny of that machine. 1991 i bought an A2000, which later got a Turboboard, 41 MB RAM. Graphics board, CDROM and two harddiscs. I used the machine for my studies in university. 1999 i changed to PC, because there were no support for Amiga anymore. Since last summer the A2000 is back on my desk and i am really surprised again and again, how comfortable the Amiga OS 3.1 was and is.
  10. In theory all is fine! But then there is this old bitch called reality!
  11. Wow, Commando Raid looks like a winner! Congratz for a video full of information!
  12. Don't have high hopes for that 'Atari whatever'. I think, the kid is dead in the cradle. No games! No price! No specs! Nothing really new! We all know the same as one year ago. Nearly nothing. E.G.: Daimler announces a new car. No chassis, no technical infos, no price to offer. Only the possibility to preorder. Who would catch that offer?
  13. Bobby is really a nice little plattformer from Hong Kong.
  14. Must have titles for Lynx! Here we go: Blue Lightning Chequered Flag Rygar Xybots Robotron 2084 Ninja Gaiden Zaku with one big disadvantage: It's hard to find and everything else than cheap! Rampart There are many more excellent titles, but this selection should help to build a fine collection.
  15. I agree with one exception, but that is a matter of taste. Rampage is imho a boring game in every version. Please don't blame me for that.
  16. Isn't it nice, that Rise of the Robots never appeared on the Jaguar? I like the fact!
  17. @ dgrubb I know, what you mean with your thoughts about AvP. But compare Cybermorph on cartridge with Battlemorph on CD and you know, what i mean. And i like Cybermorph very much!
  18. In an interview i have asked Howard Scott Warshaw about his thoughts of Ray Kassar. He told me, in his own opinion Kassar had done a good job, because the Computer/Console-industry was new and there were no experience how to act or react in the best way. Kassar had used his very own experience, which made him a successful manager. Ok, he came from the soft good sector, but surely had a good reputation. I think, Steve Ross, who hired him, was not an idiot.
  19. A sequel of AvP for the Jag CD would be a fine addition. A elaborate version of Dungeon Master would be a dream for the Jag. A D&D RPG, settled in the Forgotten Realms or any other RPG! This genre would give the Jag CD a honorable right to exist.
  20. Long time no see! Yes, meanwhile i am very sceptical about this strange box. I also think there is a lack of detailed information. If these box is a pooch, this would be definitely the final headshot for any form of an Atari company. Honestly, this fact makes me really sad, because this would be a more than unworthy end for a company, which taught us to dream of a fantastic future.
  21. I agree with the Top 4. In the Flop 4 List could be place for Bubsy and Commander ROM for the Phillips G7000/ Odyssey 2.
  22. Hi, dear sir! I am interested in your offer! Would you deliver to Germany?
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