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  1. RE: N64 😎 I am a huge Resident Evil games fan so of course even though my first experience of it was on Playstation I simply HAD to own a original N64 cart as shown. It's just loose cart and I have not played it in years (Hope it still saves?) but it is one of only a handful of original N64 carts I still own as I use my Everdrive mostly. Still, look forward to trying it out again soon, what they achieved on a N64 cart was impressive. 😍


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    2. RickR


      There is something very special about the N64, despite all the criticism.  Plugging in a cartridge and playing straight-away makes it a throwback to the oldest days of gaming.  Sweetness.

      Enjoy that game and let us know how it goes. 

    3. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      The N64 was the last of the cartridge systems.  I have to admit that I admire that console.  It has some great games both 1st and 3rd party.  Midway supported it very well as did Rare. I have a lot of good memories on the console with the RUSH series and the Rare platformer/adventure games (Gemini, Conker, Banjo, Perfect Dark, etc.).  I could listen to the Cruis' N World theme all day long and not get tired of it.  The only aspect of the N64 I had issues with were with the controllers.  I would wear out the thumbsticks in about three months.  And it was hard for me to find aftermarket controllers that were comfortable.  It's just a neat and unique system to own with fun choices of colors, only cartridge system to make use of an expansion port (for something other than a CD-ROM), and is overall pleasing to use.  The controllers are surprisingly comfortable and easy to use and they don't cause cramps.

      I've never played RE on the N64, only on PS.  I'd like to know how it stands up today.  Oh...F-Zero on the N64 is a no-brainer.  That's a must-own N64 title! 

    4. MaximumRD


      😎😉Now, I typically use my Everdrive but I have a pretty small but ok collection of original carts. I think I got most in a lot some time back, Ogre Battle 64 was sent to me from a fellow youtuber who said it was a good one. I would definitely play most of these happily though Quest 64 I have heard is not so great? Also, I am not much of a Pokemon fan in any capacity but I think it requires a separate accessory pak which I have but it is missing the Mic that plugs into it. Anyone know if I can plug any mic with a plug that fits? Maybe the mic from my Dreamcast vmu for playing Seaman? That would be a funny alternative. Of course Shadows of the Empire, Resident Evil 2 and Goldeneye are my favorites, of the rest does anyone have a favorite or even one you cannot stand? Thanks.image.jpeg.3fadf1188e2d9ccdac5568e9312c9467.jpeg

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