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  1. I actually uploaded a NEW video! 😎😜My early experience with a classic computer, silly story, what's yours?


    1. Justin


      This is great @MaximumRD‼️ Thank you for posting!! 😎

    2. MaximumRD


      Heh THANKS JUSTIN, well honestly I wanted to uploads SOMETHING and tried to come up with something that I could do quickly mostly because my last couple videos prior where like 6 months ago back in MARCH. Now I had the Grizzly Addams full beard with lots of gray πŸ˜†in it, starting to look like the hermit I mostly am but after shaving it down to a goatee I thought it looked much better at least even if I haven't had a haircut since before the whole Virus thing started, we avoid going out and with Melissa working from home YOU MIGHT THINK if anything that would give me more time to organize my thoughts, get my head together and plan and make videos.....WELL WHEN YOUR WIFE IS WORKING FROM HOME AND YOU ARE AROUND EACH OTHER 24/7 EVERY WAKING MOMENT believe me that is not the case 😏, barely a moment to myself these days let alone enough to put together and upload a video 😜I KID, MOSTLY..........no I'm not, HELP ME......😩


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