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  1. Looks like all the APRIL FOOLS nonsense is starting to appear online....oh boy the shocking story is APRIL FOOLS....oh boy that unexpected video announcement APRIL FOOLS...oh boy any surprise you read or see online is actually APRIL FOOLS, boy you got me good, so funny....🙄😜


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    2. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      Volkswagen got in trouble this morning for "attempting" to change their brand name to "Voltswagen" just to try to celebrate April's Fool Day.  Yea...they caught hell from it, from major networks, too.

    3. HDN


      I Rick rolled a lot of people today...

    4. socrates63


      Aha~ I was wondering what VW was thinking with the new name 😆

      The one that got me a little excited was seeing a post about a new mini console of the original Xbox. I have the actual console and a sizable library, so a mini version has little practical application for me but these mini consoles are all so cute.

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