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  1. Latest acquisition:  A boxed Colecovision!  It works just fine after a little cleanup, although one of the controllers has a non-functioning keypad. 

    sidequest 006.JPG

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    2. RickR


      You are so right, @MaximumRD.  There are so many games on this system that aren't perfect, but really do bring back the best memories.  Donkey Kong plays kind of slow now, but I remember how amazed all the kids were when the CV came out and this was the game they demoed in the store.  Incredible!  Zaxxon is another.  It's clunky, but still the best home version there is. 

    3. MaximumRD


      Absolutely. So many greats, Venture, Ladybug, MouseTrap ! And though I own a Atarimax cart (sadly the original USB type) I gave away most of my original carts but I could not part with one loose cart that was in amazing shape as well my all time favorite Mr. Do! 

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