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my want list

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Any boxed games i dont already have.

Gatefold boxed games (just starting this one out)




Castlevania games



Super mario sunshine

Mario kart double dash

Bloody roar Primal Fury

Resident evil 0

Resident evil

Resident evil 2

Resident evil 3



Warioware smooth moves



Time crisis (have gun, but no game)



Basically any game

Looking for super mario bros games

Legend of zelda games


A light gun

Games that use the built in mic


Pole position board game!


I need to ad edtris to my list. If anyone knows where i can find a copy please let me know


New to my want list!

Any and all gamegear games


Any and all virtual boy games


Any and all japanese gamecube games

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He's what I have for VIC-20


First is a multi-cart -- more info here:  http://www.gamingenterprisesinc.com/vic20/


It has 32 games, and operates with a set of DIP switches to select the game.  I used a broken "Cosmic Cruncher" cart to hold it.  Looks pretty bad, but works great. 






And not sure if anyone else is interested in a boxed and working VIC-20.  Comes with a composite cable.


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Ok so after finallygetting to play animal crossing amiibo festival for the wii u i am soooo disappointed in it (its just a freaking board game!!!) that i am now wanting to get the original animal crossing on the gamecube again.


So i am looking for animal crossing fir the gamecube. Preferably with the memory card, but if not thats ok ill go buy it myself. Thanks and as always ill trade or buy it

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