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My Game Collection

Atari 5200 Guy

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I keep everything in here and drag out what I plan to use for a while.  I have a 20" TV in the living room where I play my pre-HDMI consoles and a 40" LCD for the 360.  Enjoy!

















Yes...I own a Tandy/Memorex VIS which I will get a picture of and post.  I thought I had one but can't seem to find it.  So far this has taken me over 6 years to obtain.  I've got many years to go too (fingers crossed here) ;)

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That's a beautiful collection! How'd you find our website Kamakazi?

I'm sorry that I am just now getting to this.  I was not updated on members responding to this.  I found Atari.IO thanks to Video 61 recommending the forums here.  It was mentioned that the people here were more friendlier than those on AA.  And after spending time here and just watching the forums over at AA I have to agree.  I have nothing against AA but, yes, there is a difference.  Video 61 is my best friend.  I've been dealing with them since 1998.  So when they say to try this I put my best foot forward.


Again sorry for the really late response LOL

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Showing off some more of my collection.






I have a 5-drawer dresser used for holding controllers, AV/RF cords, and power cords.  Top shelf holds all PS controllers (PS2 as well), second shelf holds all XBOX controllers.  Third shelf holds all other controllers for Atari, Sega, Nintendo, etc.  Fourth drawer has TV hook-ups which are mostly for XBOX and PS and the fifth drawer holds all power supplies and cords.  I really need to go back through these and bundle the cords better.


And...as promised:




This is my Tandy/Memorex VIS.  While I can't say it's a fun game machine it is interesting in its own way.  It's easily the ancestor to the original XBOX...it just wasn't done right.  I do believe that the console could have handled a PC port of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom since it was basically a stripped down computer.  The only aspect I would have believed to be an issue would have been the sound chip.  I don't think it was Sound Blaster compatible and Sound Blaster was the norm then.  


And the bottom of one shelf, which I don't think I showed, has this:




These small shelves come from Wal-Mart at almost $30 each.  I would like to find shelving that doesn't cost so much but still looks good.  I can't cram no more in these LOL.  


Thanks to everyone for the kind posts about my collection.  I enjoy sharing it and I really enjoy seeing others' collections.  And people use to say that gamers were unsociable.  :P on them!

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Oh...and as part of an update, my game room has been gifted this:




Sad story surrounding this TV.  We had a friend in the apartments we live in who lived above us.  Confined to a wheelchair he would sometimes pop in randomly just to say, "Hi"  I use to try to call his bluff when he would talk about his original 360 having a prototype processor and nVidia graphics, yada yada yada.  He was a huge Halo fan as well.  He had a Day One XBOX One where he showed me the Halo game he had for it and it was nice.  Kind of made me put an XBOX One on my wish list of out of reach consoles.


Shortly before Christmas 2015 he stopped by to wish us a Merry Christmas.  A few days later I looked outside our window one morning and discovered a first responder, an ambulance pulling in lights on and no siren, and local law enforcement.  An hour later I was informed of our friend's passing.  He was only 28 years old.  I stepped outside our door to go check the mail and the medical examiner was wheeling him by.  Not something you can forget no matter how hard you try.


The TV in the picture was his.  When his family cleaned out his apartment they put some of his belongings on a table in our apartment's commons area called the "Give-a-way table".  I kept looking for anything gaming related but, sigh, no XBOX stuff at all.  This TV appeared of which I picked it up and carried it to our apartment.  If I sound greedy then you better believe it.  I wanted something of his to remember him by.  


I had to repair the VCR portion because kids seem to think VCRs get hungry.  I found toy plastic forks, spoons, and knives, and a key chain.  I also found a single penny.  It's amazing what can be shoved inside a VCR.  I also dusted the insides and cleaned up the video and audio heads.  It's fully functional again.  The only thing I need is the original remote to access the color adjustments as those can not be reached by other means...not even using universal remotes has worked.


So, thanks to Brian "Robomaster724" for the TV.  You are missed, bro.  RIP.

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