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Tomy Pac-Man

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That yellow one looks like a Pac Robot face.

It will smile at you while you play.


And I think me or my cousin had the blue one.

That demo option looks familiar.


mebbe not as much memory of it cuz the memorable gaming experience depended on available batteries


I still have my ME BGalactica Space Alert.

9 volt for that one. Long-lasting recall of dat powered funtimes


Kept it, natch.

Would need to pry it from the cold, dead, grasp of my Bat in the locked-down gold castle to have me part with it.

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Story time:


Its Christmas 1980 (I'm 9), and I asked for the Entex Pac-Man 2 (like RickR's above) on my toy list. I remember being with my mom at K-Mart and in front of a glass case that had the handheld games in it, and asking an employee, where is the Pac-Man 2 handheld - the blue one?? They informed me and my mom that there was a recall on that game since they did not have the license for Pac-Man, so they were sent back. Disappointed that I missed out on the 2 player Pac-Man, I ended up changing that on my list to the Tomytronic Pac Man (like Greenween's above), which I still own today and still have the box too (and it works). BTW - looking at my Christmas 1980 toys I got along with the Tomy Pac-Man was: Pocket Simon, Kodak Ektralite 10 camera w/ case, Fat Wheels R/C Jeep, pair of GE Walkie Talkies, LEGO set of basic bricks, The Empire Strikes Back Storybook w/ 45rpm record, The Empire Strikes Back Puffy Stickers, & The Empire Strikes Back- Yoda action figure! It was a really good year as you can tell!!!!! 


Fast forward to 1998, and one of my first eBay purchases was the Entex Pac-Man 2 (without box) and in VG to Mint condition for about $35-40 from what I recall. Fully works and I still have that one too!!



Congrats Greenween!!

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I've wanted this for 32 years and it is finally mine!!!!!

BTW  - the Tomytronic Pac-Man handheld has been emulated here: http://www.madrigaldesign.it/sim/


and high scores are posted here:





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Hey Radio, I'd certainly be down for some competition!  I broke the 4k mark last night but was on the easy setting. This game is a bit tricky , the button timing after each move. I tried and tried, but could not get a pic of the score so it'll be an honor system thing! Pro settings, let's get it on!

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