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Yea...maybe not the best choice of words but any game machines that I get are pretty much like having children.  Since I never had any kids of my own I consider my dog my furry child and the game systems as electronic children.


Anyway without further ado.  I was gifted a console I had been seeking for a while now.  This arrived at my door early Monday morning:




It works but it needed a bath.  I can't stand a dirty system...it's one of my pet-peeves so I gave it a bath...plastic only of course.  It came really clean and one of the nicer looking 2600 consoles I've come across.  It's nice to see a system with little to no scratches.




However the left difficulty switch has had it's lever broke off some how.  It still works but you have to use a pen, pencil, or something like a nail to move it.  




That switch is being replaced.  Eventually I will replace all the other switches just so there are no issues with any of them.  They're not too costly anyway, thank goodness.  And I don't think I will performing an A/V mod on this unit.  It's still producing a really good RF signal.




Now that I have this my interest in the 2600 has hit an all-time high.  I may be a bit late to the game but I am going to concentrate on collecting for the system.  I may talk to the wife about parting with some of the other systems in exchange for more 2600 games and accessories.  This was the console I wanted for Christmas many moons ago.  While I did get a good Atari system (the 5200) I missed out on the games my 5200 didn't receive. Yea...it had better graphics and sounds but it didn't have Jr. Pac-Man, Enduro, Yar's Revenge, E.T. (still a good game in my opinion), Empire Strikes Back, Amidar... the list goes on and on.


This console is very much appreciated.  I am very grateful for it and an "excited-child" thank you goes out to the person who gifted it to me.  I have a 2600 Jr that I like but there is something about that woodgrain model that is addictive.  Now to sit down and make a list of games I would want (a habit I picked up after reading Tron and Robotron by Jeff Spega).  Thanks again and I am very glad to have this in my collection!





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In my humble opinion a true classic gamers collection is not complete without a 2600! Congrats and I know you will enjoy!  :thumb:

I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

"For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday."

 - M. Bison

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