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Atari Platformers


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Giving feedback on Scrapyard Dog for the 7800 got me wondering if there are/were any other titles released in that specific genre? 2600 games count, too. 


So far, I know of Scrapyard Dog and Tower Toppler for the 7800 and Pitfall 1 & 2 for the 2600. I've got to be missing some, can you guys help me compile a list?


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I mean there are several single screen platformers, not side scrolling ones though.   Kangaroo, Popeye, Mario...they are platformers in that you run and jump and climb.   Jungle Hunt I guess should count too.

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As far as the 7800 goes, you could make the case that games like Double Dragon & Ninja Golf has platform-like elements, but I would think Impossible Mission counts.

Smurf:RFGC on the 2600 is a solid platformer.

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Stay Frosty (Spiceware)

Stay Frosty 2: Stay Frostier (Spiceware)

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