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Annotated Adventure by Warren Robinett


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Warren Robinett will be releasing an e-book with the above title, which is all about the Basic Programming cartridge. No, I'm kidding, it's about Adventure sillies! It will come out later this year, if you go to his site you can sign up to be emailed when it is released:




You can also check out an unreleased manuscript he wrote BACK IN THE DAY about the game (and also Rocky's Boots) here:




Happy reading! :P

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Y'know that feeling Tron had when he reached the IO tower, to make contact with Alan One?


This is glorious!

We are so lucky to have shared knowledge from these programmers who expanded our imaginations by giving us access beyond the electronic frontiers.


And Adventure showed the kingdom hidden inside that terrific little console.

It was like the Game of Thrones of its day!

Okay, so only one main character bit the big one - over and over.


Yeah, those dragons had it rough too.

Although that Bat must have an iron-clad contract.

In any case, we still carry on.


I can't wait for this!
Thanks Ferg

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There's a direct connection between this thread and the recent "Atari's Foray into Virtual Reality" thread, too.  Warren Robinett was, for a time, a member of the Atari Research team.  After leaving Atari (and going on to program Rocky's Boots for The Learning Company) he ended up reuniting with Scott Fisher, Jaron Lanier, and Thomas Zimmerman -- all former Atari Research Lab team members -- at the NASA Ames Human Factors Resarch Division/Lab in 1986. There, he contributed programming for the NASA VR project (head-mounted display + glove system) that was being built around the conceptual framework brought over from the Atari Labs by Fisher.


There's a bit more in this Gamasutra article, and additional detail in the book "Virtual Reality Excursions with Programs in C", which can be read on Google Books (see pages 69/70).


You can get a sense of Robinett's early interest in VR and player spaces in Chapter 6 of his unpublished manuscript, as well.

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