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My Arcade 220 in 1 handheld

Atari Creep

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I picked this up for my girlfriend's 8yo daughter. She is always trying my games and thought I would get her her own little system. To test the waters ya know? $20 at Walgreens didn't expect much. Wow was I wrong. It's not a bad little deal!! Screen is tiny but looks great, volume is ok, the games all work for the most part as they should and there are a good handful of titles though generic are very fun to jam on!!! I was shocked, might get one for myself just for fun!



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Are they all "original" games?  Or are there some emulated classics in there too?


I like these kinds of systems myself.  Reminds me of the plug and plays that are good for some quick entertainment.

Agreed great question. The are all "original" games but you will recognize a lot of the game play. A title called Thunder Man is very much like Mega Man in style. I haven't gone through most of the games yet so I will update ya all. Maybe a video, maybe not. Haha

Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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Sorry to chime in late, but Greenween -- if you're looking for a handheld that will play MAME ROMs, I can personally recommend the GPD-XD. I don't remember if I mentioned that thing to you, but I recently got one. It's basically a small Android tablet with a clamshell-style closure. Top part is the screen (it's a touch screen), and the bottom part is basically a modern-style game controller -- two analog-style joysticks (perhaps *actual* analog, but I don't know), a D-pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, and a few other thingies. Allows you to use microSD storage.

If you're *only* looking to emulate MAME, this thing might be a bit more than what you're willing to spend. I traditionally get myself an "expensive" Christmas present (this was a LOT cheaper -- about 90% cheaper! -- than the laptop I bought myself last year!) every year, and the GPD-XD was it. But so far I'm really digging it. I use MAME4Droid, and it works really well with very, very little configuration. (Happy to say that both Robotron and Crazy Climber work well with the two analog sticks!) I also invested a few bucks into Nostalgia.NES, which so far has been flawlessly playing Legend of Zelda. (The *machine* has been successfully playing it; I, however, suck at it and am not successfully playing it!)

Basically I got this thing because I had the RetroDuo Portable, which is a handheld SNES clone that can also play NES and Sega Genesis with the proper adapters, but I wanted something that could emulate a lot more but without being a laptop...so far, I'm pretty durned happy with it!

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