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Vancouver (WA) Vintag Toy & Record Show + Cowlitz Gamers for Kids Show


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TWO shows for me today -- a very busy day.


First was the Vancouver (Washington) Vintage Toy and Record show.  I helped a friend transport and set up a LaserDisc booth.  Learned a lot and had a great time.  And came home with a better LD player and a bunch of discs. 


A bad selfie of the Laserdisc table. 



I pity the fool that don't buy Mr T and Alf plushies.  :mr_t:



Big Jim!  It's the low-rent alternative to GI Joe! 



All kinds of toys here -- lots of Hot Wheels, action figures, etc, etc. etc. 



Back to the Future 2 Hoverboard anyone?



And finally, the RickR haul of movies:





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Next was the annual Cowlitz Gamers for Kids retro gaming show in Longview, WA.  I go to this one every year, and it's a great time AND it's for a great cause -- helping disadvantaged kids in Cowlitz County, WA. 


The "Free Play" area is a total blast.  Try out the systems you don't have.


Sega Saturn:



Genesis/Sega CD/32X Monster Combo









Oooooooooh!  Jaguar.  I played it for a long while.  Gautlet 2.  A good game, but why does your guy fire so slowly? 



TurboGrafx!  It had a really sweet SD-Cart with tons of ROMS.  Unfortunately, I think the controller was defective.  Games would load, but I couldn't figure out how to start a game



Amiga!  WOW!



INTV and a VIC-20 -- they covered all the bases.



C64 and 3DO



Colecovision anyone?



Overview of the vendors:



Forum member Paul and his EightBitFix booth.  Great stuff as always:



And the RickR haul.  Please note, I started walking around thinking there's nothing here I need or want, a little depressed from recent events I suppose.  But sure enough, I found MORE than enough stuff to buy, spent more than I wanted, but really had a great time and got lost in the moment to forget my troubles for a short while.  This hobby can be the best. 



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Right now on the PSP, I'm playing GT3.  It's great.  Love the beautiful screen and the great sound.  Was the PSP considered a failure?  I think it's awesome, but I don't like how long it takes to load games.  And I guess it's a little heavy compared to a DS. 

I had a 2000 model and loved it.  I thought the weight was just right, the screen was awesome, and the game play was like nothing else portable.  I didn't really notice the loading times most likely because I was use to that from previous and current disc-based consoles.  PSP was/is an awesome handheld.  Getting another one is on my wish list.

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