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So I'm gonna use this thread to highlight some of my collection here and there. First, I figured I'd share my recently completed Wii U set that I finished this past Sunday.




There are 161 games in a full set, soon to be 162. Just dance 2018 releases at the end of October for the Wii u and surprisingly the original Wii too along with current gen consoles. I got bit by the Wii U bug pretty hard. Before I decided to go for a full set I had 33 games already. It took me a month and a half, some local trades and a bunch of gamestop trade credit. Their 60% trade bonus when I took in games was awesome and a week later they ran a buy 3 used Wii u games get 30% off. That's when I went nuts. I'm really happy to have the set.




So this makes the Wii u the second console that I have a set for. The 1st being the Atari 5200.

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I really enjoy playing the Wii U. It Is a vastly underrated console. Yeah, there are some dud games on this console, but what console doesn't have any? There are lots of great games for this console and I'm sure to find some more gems as I start to play all these games. For example, Runbow. It's a fantastic game that I wouldn't have played if it weren't for me picking up the set. I highly recommend.

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