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Some pictures from the show.  I didn't take enough. 

HSW was the nicest guy.  He signed the "ET" cartridge I brought along with me.


Met, but not pictured, Brett Weiss, Leonard Herman, and "The Eight Bit Guy".  All nice people. 


I'll be back tomorrow. 





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Here is the loot I got this year.  I'm proud of myself for spending only about $15. 


Signed carts - :Howard_Scott_Warshaw: on ET and Joe DeCuir on Combat.  Tod Frye was there too today, and I had a Pac Man in my bag...but the man skipped out on autographs and left early I think.  Oh well.  HSW and Joe were both very gracious.  It was an honor to meet them.




Leonard Herman signed my very old copy of Phoenix (he's now on the 5th edition!) and we discovered that many years ago, one of my uncles was his boss!  Small world.  Also pictured is the program from the show, and Pat (NES Punk) and Ian signed the back of my badge.




I got some pretty good games for cheap on Sunday.




The stack of manuals was only $3, and the old school gaming magazine was free. 





And the very best part was meeting fellow forum member TrekMD.  Another very nice person that I feel honored to have met. 





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The show itself was something.  It just seems to get bigger and bigger every year.  I don't know the attendance figures, but I'd have to guess in the tens of thousands.  Just all around packed all weekend.  Volunteering was a hoot.  I felt a lot more comfortable with it on Sunday as I got to man the older console station (Atari, Coleco, Intellivision) instead of the newer Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony/Sega station on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun picking out games that show off the old systems and helping the younger people get acquainted with them, and helping the older folks remember. 

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Wow! You met HSW and got his autograph on E.T.!!! I don't think I've ever been more jealous of anyone!! Very cool Rick.

I want to go to a crafts store to find a shadow-box frame to mount these two signed carts.  Joe mentioned that a lot of people ask him to sign carts and then sell them, but I assured him that would not be the case with me.  These are absolute treasure to me.  I hope he believed me. 

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The show was awesome!  It was great to meet RickR also!  I did spend lots more money than he did, though, and I also did get some autographs.  I will be posting a link to the online album once I have uploaded the pictures from the camera and edited out the bad ones!  I took over 160 pictures!  

🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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One thing that I found interesting in the console free-play area was the noticeable popularity of the following items:

  • A Saturn with two 4-player taps and 8 controllers hooked up playing Bomberman.  This was in constant use.  8 players made it pretty competitive.  I was shocked at a Saturn game being the most popular thing there.
  • A PS2 with the bongo drums attached playing a rock-band like game (whose name I didn't catch).  Constant use. 
  • A Gameboy store kiosk (with the TV screen) playing Tetris.
  • For N64....the "Mario Kart" cartridge was in high demand. 
  • Everything else was hit or miss. 
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There are some 2600 games I saw there that I just wanted to run away with the boxes!  One is Sword of Saros for the Supercharger!  I finally was able to get that game to complete my collection of Supercharger games and they had the box at the museum! 

I'm pretty sure that's why they had 'em in them bulletproof-looking jewelry cases. :indiana_jones:

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