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Putting Together A Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer #75055

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So as some of you already know, I picked this up in a Goodwill for $10. It came packed in a plastic bag that may have originally stored some sort of bedding stuff. 



This set is supposed to have over 1,300 pieces. I have no idea if it is missing any, but it is missing one of the three books, but I should be able to find it online. Also, it appears to have some extra stuff in here as well as some of the Destroyer parts already built.

I decided to make this a father son project. Building a set like this from a massive bag of pieces is pretty challenging. Usually they bag pieces in groups to make it easier. We also decided to try to break most of the stuff down into individual pieces to make sure we aren't missing anything. We are doing this in chunks and I will try to post the process as we go.


DAY 1 - Main Floor (I think)



DAY 2 - Outer Beams for Main Floor (I think)


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