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GRay Defender

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Hi GRay Defender! I've pinned this thread to the top of our YouTube Community forum, if you continue to post episodes of your show here and keep the thread maintained we'll keep the thread posted up top and do our part to promote your show as best we can. Best wishes with your YouTube videos! 🕹️

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Pretty cool Galaga reviews.  I prefer Galaxian myself but Galaga is a good one, too.  Even if it is the NES version I am liking the My Arcade Retro Cabs.  I don't have Galaga yet but I did find a couple of Data East My Arcade units on clearance and picked them up.  Bad Dudes and Karate Champ.  Games I didn't play much during the NES days but are finding fun as these mini arcade games.  I received Galaxian Micro Arcade for my birthday.  I love it!

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