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My First Atari Computer!


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I've wanted an XEGS for a long time. I thought I had one too, when several years ago I bought one for a good price on ebay...until the seller refunded me my money to relist it and get more money. Fast forward to today. Recently I stumbled on a lot that included a bunch of games. The price was too good for me to pass up. So now it's mine!

Feel free to recommend cartridge games. (I only plan to collect carts, excluding multi-carts)

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The only few I would suggest is maybe Space Invaders, Moon Patrol.  Jr. Pac-Man was an unreleased prototype that appears to have been either completed or almost completed.  It has been released on cartridge by Video 61.  I recommend it.  As far as official stuff goes Lode Runner for the XE works on the 800 XL and is a fun game.  Pretty much anything that was on the 5200 which also appeared on the A8 computers will be a good game.  I don't have many cart games for my XEGS as I concentrate mostly on the disk stuff because I'm after Microprose games to play.  

Most PB and Activision games you can find that you don't already have will be a hit.  Dreadnaught Factor I believe is on the A8 and I hear it's a hidden gem of a game.  Gyruss.  Gotta find Gyruss.


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