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Merry Christmas!

Atari 5200 Guy

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I thought I would stop long enough to wish everyone here Merry Christmas.  I've been so involved in playing American Truck Simulator lately, doing their Christmas Event tasks, that it's been hard for me to stop playing.  I did capture a screenshot to share with you guys.


That sunset was just amazing when I seen it while driving through at 55 MPH through southern Cali.  But it also made me stop to think about something. 

Atari I/O has awesome members who are generous and giving.  But our members would not be able to do what they do without someone getting it to its final destination.  Trains and planes can only go so far.  The rest has to be taken by truck.  Those guys usually give up spending holidays with their family to make sure someone else doesn't go without.  Whether it's a trailer full of packages containing gifts, making sure your convenience stores and gas stations have plenty of fuel, and store shelves have the items ready to be stocked for your holiday needs, be it food or material items, we would not have the things we need or want without them.  

If all truckers went on strike our economy would stop, period.  So the next time you see a trucker take the time to thank them and wish them a happy holiday.  Some are giving up time with their family to make sure we have what we need to prosper and grow

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Merry Christmas to you and everyone in the wonderful community ! As the 25th approaches the chaos of the holiday's tend to overwhelm this introvert but I appreciate our community and hope everyone has a great one and all the best in.....wow....2020 ! 




I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

"For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday."

 - M. Bison

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