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CV - got some new stuff


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First item is a box.  Courtesy of correagonzales.  He gave it to me for the cost of shipping, which is really very nice.  I figured I have an Expansion module #1 without a box, and he had a box with no expansion module....well, it's like mixing peanut butter and chocolate.  Win-win.  I could swear I heard both items say "Ahhhh" when I put them together. 






Next are Front Line and Defender, courtesy of a trade with Rowsdower70.  Another great user here in the forums.  Front Line requires the giant "Super Action Controller", and the control scheme is kind of weird.  Two buttons control the gun rotation.  Why didn't they use the roller/dial thingy?


Defender.  Is.  Awesome.  This version is one of the best I've seen.  The background stars move in parallax.  And check out the explosion of your ship...huge...just like the arcade. 







And finally, Cabbage Patch Kids.  Yeah, sounds a little "kidsy".  But it's fun.  Feels like the sequel to the Smurf game.  Nice music, fun game.  Got this one on ebay.





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The expansion module is great! What a weird early time in gaming history, could you imagine a rival gaming company allowing the competitors games on the rival console today? Of course that would never happen and this came about due to some court settlements between Atari and Coleco back in the day, even Coleco's Gemini a full stand alone 2600 compatible, great times. Some guy even modder one of those expansion modules to be a complete stand alone 2600 console ! 

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It would be interesting to know exactly how many of those expansion modules were sold. Just curious as to what percentage of customers were sold on a Colecovision because they could add the expansion module to play 2600 carts.

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In a sense that Cabbage Patch game looks better than a lot of NES games. It's hard sometimes to justify why Atari wasn't prepared to go head-to-head against ColecoVision with anything other than the tech in the 5200.

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Very cool! What a great community we've got here! Wish I knew what became of my old CV, since I can't seem to find one near me.

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