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I'm just curious as to where my fellow "older" gamers stand on the issue of achievements.


As for myself, they've had my hooks in me since early 2006 and haven't let go since.

I don't chase them simply to inflate my gamerscore. I find that they allow me to get more out of a game that I normally would stop playing. For example, if I complete the campaign on a game but there's an achievement for completing the campaign on a higher difficulty or under a certain period of time, I'll go back and try to earn those as well.


It's probably my OCD tendencies but I love trying to unlock as many as I can.


They also make me wonder what some achievements would be included in games from 35 years ago, but I suppose that's a separate topic.  B)

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It was part of the reason I really loved the 360 (with the exception of the hardware failures constantly) and it was fun comparing unlocks with other friends. Between that and High Scores and XBLA, I felt like the 360 was the console to really bring online gaming full-circle yet I feel they've sort of lost that touch with the Xbox One.

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For myself, I certainly do love the achievement or trophy system. I can't help but feel it's basically like those glorious days of the Activision patches. :D


Having said that...in a game when I've survived a Herculean attempt from the A.I. at ending my game, laid low legions of my foes and hear the Xbox ding and then see that I received a mere 5 points? That makes me upset. ;)

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Yes! Ice Hockey was the only one I ever earned. Of course, the flash made sure I would never actually have the patch until I bought one on eBay several years later.


RickR, nothing to be ashamed of. The Xbox 360 introduced achievements with their games back in 2005. Every game has a possible 1,000 gamerscore that can be unlocked during gameplay. Some games have very creative ones, some aren't. Some are easy, some are difficult.

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Yes! Ice Hockey was the only one I ever earned. 

Activision Ice Hockey is my main game for the Atari VCS!  I still have a #1 world ranking for point difference with a 31. 




and a Gold Medal score as entered in the 2014 AA Winter Olympics

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author of "The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion" book series available on Amazon! www.amazon.com/author/brianmatherne

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