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JungleQuest for Atari 8-bit Work-In-Progress for July 31, 2022.

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Jungle Quest For Atari 8-bit Work in Progress For July 31, 2022. Some Progress has been made with the game after many years. Now have the main character running around and climbing ladders. Collision Detection works. You may post your comments here or on Atari.IO for a quick response from myself or Video61. Posting on that other Atari forum will not get a response from me there, but on here or Atari.IO. To respond to an earlier comment, the reason why this game had been put aside for many years is that I had been busy with many other Atari game projects. Also, when I decided to come back here, I decided to revamp the programming with all the techniques I learned after putting this game aside. It did take me some time to port over my player/missile multiplexer and align with the scrolling action. 

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