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Games Based on McDonald's


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You know, it is fascinating to see how corporations like McDonald's have also tried to be part of the video game world with different entries.  I just watched this video by Classic Gamer74.  The games are mostly about Ronald McDonald and the McDonaldland gang.  Did you know that Ronald is called Donald in Japan?  Apparently they don't have the R sound!  Check it out...


🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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Oh what a fun topic! 

Who remembers those Burger King trio of games on the original XBOX?  They got panned critically, but I always thought they were pretty fun for quick gaming. 

As far as McDonald's, this is going to sound nuts, but when we travel to Canada, it's always on my list to go to McD's.  Why?  Because they are much more adventurous in their menu up there.  We've had McD pizza, Chicken Big Mac, Angus Quarter Pounder, Fish n chips, etc etc.  It's wild!  And the crazy thing is...it's good!  Fun to try. 

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