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Nintendo NES Game Reviews by The No Swear Gamer


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Just tried my hand at "Double Dwibble".  Lost by 6.  Your review is spot on.  It isn't terribly fun, but I do want to play again to see if I can beat the computer. 


Thanks Rick!


Yeah, Double Dwibble surprised me because it seems that every retro gamer loves the game, so I almost wondered if I was missing something. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Of course, my goal is to always give my honest assessment, even if it goes against the grain (cough....ET.....cough...cough).

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I love Double Dribble too. 


At the time, it was a revolutionary basketball game, compared to the choices we had prior (especially if you only had a 2600 like I did). The dunking cut scene was mind-blowing!

The computer is easy to beat, if you can find the sweet spot where you'll never miss a three-pointer.  ;)

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