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  1. In IL right now it is very hot too! My family there said it's been unusually hot lately 😳 I remember when I lived there and as it would start to get warmer I'd be so happy. Illinois is very gloomy the majority of the year so I was always excited once the weather started warming up and I could see the sky hehe
  2. Those are both good times to go! I love Disney but unfortunately they are not reopening until I believe July 11. The Jimmy Fallon ride and a ride in the Harry Potter section were virtual lines only. From what I can remember I think there were a few rides offering the virtual line, but I mainly used the Universal app as a map so I didn't really look too into them. I only saw a virtual line sign in front of the Jimmy Fallon ride.
  3. @BlackCatz40 ooh! I used to live in Illinois, and it was too cold there for me. Personally never being more south than Indianapolis would make me sad lol.. because it is just too cold!
  4. This weekend I went to Orlando with my family. It was a great! On Saturday I went to Universal & Islands of Adventure. Currently it is required you wear a mask unless eating or drinking while in the parks. Before you exit the parking garage your temperature is taken. The park felt crowded and very busy but wait times were low as compared to a typical Saturday. I think the longest I waited for a ride was 30 minutes at most. Each ride required social distancing, so for each car, or whatever the ride has, it would be one family/group of people at a time. I got front row on every ride I w
  5. ❗️ Congrats everyone on another great Squad Challenge! We have a brand new Squad Challenge coming tonight or tomorrow! Justin’s moving into a new house right now and will put it up as soon as he can.
  6. 🕹 New Squad Challenge coming tonight or tomorrow! Justin’s moving into a new house.

  7. I was reading the about me section of a profile and thought “wow they are similar to me,” and then immediately realized it was my own profile 😅😳

    1. Gianna


      No, it’s actually a vaporwave background I found online! ☺️ It does look familiar though.

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  8. I think I am obsessed with mini M&M's 🤪

    1. RickR


      Yeah, those peanut butter candies were my favorite of all time -- but then I became allergic to peanuts.  Sad, but what you gonna do?   Find a new favorite!


    2. Gianna


      I haven't tried either of those! I'm kind of picky. Reese's pieces are good. I like mini M&Ms, and @Justin and I always have peanut M&Ms 😄 

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  9. 😲 Can you believe it is nearly July?! It feels like it was just March 2 weeks ago. Has time been going by fast for everyone as well? 

    1. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      One minute it's 9pm...play a game what feels like a few minutes...next thing I know it's 2am.  D'OH!  Yep, know the feeling.

    2. RickR


      You're right, time is flying. 

  10. I'm so glad I have gotten a lot more active. I enjoy it and feel better, and now I hate missing a day of not going for a walk or bike ride! 

    1. Justin


      I'm glad you're feeling better about yourself and being active 🏆

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  11. When I got my DS in 2016 I quickly became addicted to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Any free time I had I would play it. In early 2018 I became burnt out and no longer had that desire to play, it felt like it became a chore. The other day I got an urge to play again, so I charged up my DS and inserted the game. After not playing in so long I totally forgot what the game was like, despite playing it before all the time! Other DS games I really liked were Tomodachi Life, Nintendogs, Mario Kart, and Pokemon Sun. I know now not to get so into a game that it eventually feels like a chore and is
  12. 15,832 I find this game difficult! I feel like there's a lot going on. This is my score so far.
  13. Over the past few months I've been working out and being more active. I feel better and more energetic during the day, and now look forward to exercising 😄

    1. RickR


      Fantastic.  You've found a silver lining in this gray period. 

      I've been riding my bike a lot more (when it doesn't rain) and trying to stay as active as I can.  You're so right, it makes me feel better. 


    2. Justin


      So great to see this transformation! You are what you see yourself to be. Seeing yourself as an active, healthy person will make you feel so much better about yourself and propel you into your next transfigurations.

  14. Oh that's awesome. I'm going to have to check that out! Thank you! 😄
  15. Great episode! I watched this earlier with @Justin ^ 🙂 I haven't played Desert Falcon yet, but it looks fun! I'm not really into the colors, they're really dark, but I look forward to trying this game. I like the Tim & Eric thing you did with the phone and the "ZX Spectrum!" I hope the big move goes well! 🏠
  16. No I have not! 😣😔
  17. Cool! Sometimes I go to the IKEA there or the one in sunrise. I live on the other coast ☺️
  18. @BlackCatz40 I love the Brookfield Zoo and the Museum of Science and Industry! I love going to museums. If you go back to Chicago, I would suggest the Field museum. I have been there a few times. It's super interesting and takes all day to go through. To me it'll always be the Sears tower! You're brave going on the skydeck. There's a building directly in front of the Shedd aquarium, on the other side of the street, that is a tall building of condos. My dad knew someone who owned a condo on one of the highest floors, and would allow a few friends to stay there occasionally. My family staye
  19. Hi everyone 🙂 Does anyone enjoy traveling? If so, where have you been? What's your favorite place to visit? I have been to various different states, and have been to the Bahamas. I enjoy going to Nashville and taking road trips to Illinois (where I'm from) and love going to different museums in Chicago. I haven't been anywhere too exciting besides typical tourist spots (like Key West). I think it would be nice to visit Hawaii sometime!
  20. Good luck on your move! 🏡👏
  21. Yes, I used new batteries but it was having some difficulty. I just cleaned it out a bit which worked!
  22. I've moved around so many times there's a lot of boxes in the garage that haven't been touched since I moved into this house 5 years ago. While going through one of them I came across this Game Boy I didn't even remember having. It was in a black velcro case with a few cords, a few instruction manuals inside including Wheel of Fortune, an NBA game, and a couple other sports games. My grandparents, who have since passed, loved going to garage sales which is where the Game Boy came from. It doesn't seem to work any longer but it's still cool to have. Got it to work, it just needed a little help
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