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  1. Hey guys, look! My dad has been reunited with his childhood system, the Odyssey 2! Only other person I know who grew up with one is @nosweargamer. This thing rocks! I love it so much!  
    My dad is looking for a few games in particular. If anyone has duplicates for the system, please DM me.


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    2. HDN


      @nosweargamer anything he had as a kid, like Armored Encounter/Sub Chase, War of Nerves, Matchmaker/Logix/Buzzword, Volleyball, Pocket Billiards, and Computer Golf. That’s all I can remember now. He also wants Alpine Skiing, which he said he always wanted as a kid but never got.

      As for me, I’m pretty happy with what I have right now for the time being. Eventually I’d like to get Alien Invaders Plus, KC’s Krazy Chase, and ESPECIALLY Electronic Table Soccer. But for right now, I’m pretty pleased with what we all have.

      What an awesome system this is!

    3. nosweargamer


      I'll check my duplicates in the next day or two and get back to you.

    4. HDN


      @nosweargamer seems like the type of collector to have duplicates of Air Raid.

      In all seriousness, thanks for looking. 


  3. Goodbye, Woody. You were a great little system. I had you for only a year but we got to know each other so well. Now you must go back to your original owner. Farewell.

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    2. RadioPoultry


      I like those custom labels!

    3. HDN


      Oh my. I told him it was national Pac-Man day today (he doesn’t know he’s getting this) and he said that he got it for Easter when it first came out. I guess he’s getting it for Easter again!

    4. HDN


      My woody is gone now. But I did get this!


  4. @nosweargamer look what came in the mail today! Your favorite game!


  5. What do you guys think of 2600 Star Raiders? I’m trying to find some opinions on the game. No reason in particular.

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    2. HDN


      “Read the manual”

      Oh great wise @RickR! Very good advice.

    3. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      I had the 5200 Star Raiders long before I ever seen the 2600 version.  So playing Star Raiders on the 2600 was a major setback for me.  Not that I didn't like it as I knew the 2600 could never handle anything like what I was use to.  It wasn't as good as what I was use to in my opinion.

    4. AtariSphinx


      Of the several cockpit view space games on 2600, Starmaster is my favorite as it had well balanced action, map screen,  and shooting mechanics.  Star Voyager though being the simplest is really fun but there is something cool about having the map and feeling like you are in a cockpit which is why I still gravitate towards Star Raiders with that touchpad though it is limited. 

      However I did recently try the 8bit version of Star Raiders and that just perfects everything.   Definitely my all time favorite now of this genre.  If you like those other games on 2600 you will love the 8bit version. 

  6. Wish me luck on this Starmaster contest I'm a part of. If I win, I might be able to win the first ever USED copy of Circus Convoy. So far in I'm in the lead, but it's anyone's game with two days left. Knock on wood.

    1. RickR
    2. HDN


      I'm playing 2600 Star Raiders right now when I should be practicing! I've never really played this in the year I've owned it.

    3. nosweargamer


      Wow, someone us already getting rid of a copy. Crazy 😀

  7. Adventure would be a fantastic co-op game.

  8. Good evening! Today was one of the strangest days I have ever had, schedule-wise. I think I was only awake for eight hours but I’m so tired!

  9. I don’t know what brought it on, but today I really miss my grandfather. He could have still been here had he held on for just a few more days. I’m sorry for bothering anyone, I just felt like I needed to tell somebody.

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    2. HDN


      I’m sorry about your dad, @RickR. I’m certain he’s looking down on you as well. The deceased live on in our memories and the stories we share about them.

    3. HDN


      This will lighten the mood for us both. Unless you’re afraid of snakes.


    4. RickR


      The ragtime giant snake is hilarious! 

      Here's an oldie that I'll never get tired of.  A dude that sneezes into his trombone.



  10. Get your Freeway feedback in by the end of the day tomorrow! rcastudiopodcast@gmail.com

  11. I found what Voice from @nosweargamer’s podcast is doing nowadays: narrating silly among us memes. A step down from the 7800 podcast for sure.



    Have you guys heard all the retro gaming podcasts? Did you notice a particular system was being left out? There was Atari of course, and Intellivision and Colecovision. Even the Odyssey 2 and Channel F joined in on the fun! But one system was left alone in the dust, never to have a podcast for. 

    That is until next month. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing our very own RCA Studio II game by game podcast, featuring yours truly and @Zerobeat2004 as the hosts! Coming in early April.

  13. The REAL Atari Night episode 2 is dropping TONIGHT! It’s all 7800 games! You guys excited?

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    2. HDN


      Had I not already deleted it, that would have made for a good April Fools video.

      I am thinking either 2600 adventure games or Activision next. What do you think?

    3. RickR


      There's no wrong answer. 

    4. HDN
  14. Well, guess who’s an idiot? I recorded the entire Atari Night video... but forgot to turn on my microphone!

    1. intellicolecovisonary


      I suggest that you dub in the commentary and make it sound out of sync like a badly dubbed Kung Fu flick. 

    2. HDN


      I’ve already started recording a redux. But that would have been a good idea!

  15. I finally got around to filming Atari Night part two! Stay tuned for the video!

  16. You should check out our new series of Let’s Play videos! Our most recent was Yo! Noid for NES, which I’ll link here. I made a thread in YouTube community a while back (called GoldenPhonautogram) with more videos.


  17. HAPPY ATARIVERSARY! One year ago today, I finally got the system of my dreams after wanting one for years and years. I'm very happy to finally have these systems and I can't believe it's been a year already!

    I've gone a little cuckoo for Atari collecting these past 365 days. I've collected close to 100 Atari 2600 cartridges! I also have around 25 games for my 7800 (thanks to the site for convincing me to get that awesome system). Many of the games I've gotten from Atari.io. Special thanks to @RickR, @chas10e, @socrates63, @cjherr, and @Scott Stilphen (I really hope I'm not forgetting anybody). A lot of you sent me free games completely out of the blue, which you didn't need to do. I'm very grateful, and I'm trying to find a way to repay you.

    Some of my accomplishments thus far:

    I finally found in the wild (and bought) my favorite game, Tunnel Runner!

    I lucked in to getting Flag Capture and Adventure, which had been hard to find for me (thanks Young!)

    I revived a broken Atari 2600! It was super corroded and needed a good scrubbing.

    I gave games a second chance and grew to like them, like GORF and Dragster to name a few (thanks Rick for teaching me how to play Dragsterand Chas10e for sending me GORF out of the blue!)

    I got my first-ever CIB retro games (thanks Jon for saving your boxes from forty years ago, and thanks Young for sending Gravitar!)

    I have been working on building a decent collection of home arcade ports for my 2600. I'm proud of it so far! I hope to expand further in the future!

    I joined various Atari communities, including this one (especially this one)!

    I wrote in to an Atari podcast! (thanks @fergojisan for putting up with me)

    I got an Atari 7800 as well! (thanks to CJ for sending me so many games! Some were pretty rare and it was very kind of you to do that!)

    I participated in many Atari-related challenges here at Atari.io! (thanks @Justin for setting them up, and thanks Rick for trading me Galaxian for one of said challenges!)

    I hacked my DSi, so for the first time I can play all the Atari 2600 I want WHEREVER I want!

    I taught myself how to fix controllers because I was a cheapskate with the Atari and didn't want to buy new controllers! I also know new methods of cleaning games and systems.

    After wanting to do it for some time but not having the equipment to do so, I finally starting making gaming videos, including Atari videos! I hope to shoot Atari Night ep. 2: 7800 games, soon! There have been a few delays this weekend.

    I started a blog!

    I discovered some great new gaming channels on YouTube with lots of Atari content, like @nosweargamer and @Atari Creep! (I already knew about @Willie!)

    But, most importantly, I made a lot of new retro gaming friends along the way! People who will listen to my silly rants about games from before my time and talk about it with me. Seriously, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! THANK YOU ALL!

    My Atari journey is far from over. What do I hope to accomplish on year two? Here are just a few select things.

    Complete my Atari 2600 and 7800 Nintendo subsets. I love Nintendo, and I'm really close to having all of their games for my 2600 and 7800! All I need is Donkey Kong Junior on the 2600 and Mario Brothers on the 7800. Should be easy! I just have to keep my eyes peeled.

    Collect more home arcade ports!

    Maybe get some homebrews? If I can afford it, that is!

    Build a real arcade-style controller? I know I've wanted to for some time now.

    Give one of my 2600s back to its original owner! I have wanted to do this pretty much since I got my first two 2600s, but with the pandemic I haven't been able to visit Jon and give it back. I have been slowly collecting parts like adapters and controllers for him, and I plan on buying some games from somebody here for him. He said that he would maybe like it back someday, just not with the pandemic. I think that it'll be safe to return it before March 1st of 2022.

    Get some keypad controllers, and games to go with it! I only have a video touch pad now.

    Keep on collecting!

    Really, thank you all for being there. This has been a fun journey to go on, and I'm happy to have people willing to join me. You're the best, all of you.

    Take care and best wishes,

    Harrison D. N.

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    2. RickR


      It's incredible how easy it can be to collect the old stuff if one sets their mind to it.  Very good job. 

      Speaking for myself only, I find it really nice to see others starting the journey.  I'm one of those oldsters that rarely finds anything "new" to buy.  Homebrews are a good way to keep going.  But then again, I'd rather have fun playing old favorites.  Keep on telling us about it.  I find it fun to talk to you about it. 


    3. HDN


      Well, if you want me to keep on talking about it I will!

      So far I have collected 91 Atari 2600 cartridges. I'd say around 50 of those didn't cost me anything (so either they came with the Atari or were gifts for birthday, Christmas, no reason), even more if you count the ones I got with my $5 discount. Most of the remaining 41-odd games were dirt cheap. About $1-5. Only two were above five bucks: Tunnel Runner and Mario Brothers. Both worth it in my opinion.

      It may sound like I'm foolish with my money, but really I'm not THAT bad. A lot of that which I spent on those games was Christmas/birthday money, and I feel it was worth it. With my job now, I save 80% of my earnings for college and other future expenses and I save the other 20% for HDN-things like Atari. For every game I buy, I stop and think, "is it worth it?" That's why I don't have Math Gran Prix or Sprintmaster. I'm only getting the things I want (and if the price is decent).

      The rarest game I have for my VCS (according to the AA rarity guide) is Private Eye. I kind of hate that game. Anyways, I'm not sure how accurate that is. I've seen a lot more Private Eyes out in the wild than Tunnel Runner. The only Tunnel Runner I've seen in the wild is the one I bought, and I don't think that should be the same rarity as Mario Brothers, which the game store has about 15 copies of at all times. 

      On the "professional" side of things, my 7800 now has 25 games under its belt. However, I only bought 3 of them myself. PPII came with the system, I got One on One with my discount, and the game store just gave me Karateka. The only games I got were from chas10e: Food Fight, Xevious, and Galaga. The other 19 games were gifts. 18 of them were from cjherr, which was very nice of him. And one of the games, a homebrew, was from Young! Thank you guys!

      The 7800 is also the home of my first ever duplicates for a home console. Cjherr also sent me two Xeviouses, PPII, and another Galaga. I want to give them away but I haven't been able to. The only one I have successfully given away was the PPII.

      The rarest 7800 game I (according to the guide on AA) is Rampage, scoring a 5 just like Private Eye. HOWEVER, the most valuable 7800 game I have is Commando. It's a great game, and I'd highly recommend it if if wasn't, like, $70.

    4. Willie!
  18. Two great new finds.


    1. socrates63


      👏 You got the Mario game! I know you’ve been looking for a while. Nice!

    2. HDN


      I’ve been trying to get it since day one, in fact! 
      Wait a minute... today’s day one! I need to make a status update or something! 

  19. Spring is upon us, finally! HERE COMES THE SUN, DO DO DO DO!

  20. Anybody up for Wednesday chat tonight?


    1. RickR


      I will try to drop by for a few while making dinner. 


  21. Stay tuned for my new video series: Atari Night! Join me for, oh, about an hour as I play several of my favorite Atari games! The premiere episode will be released shortly. Hope you guys enjoy. It's going to be pretty laid-back and low effort on my end.

  22. I apologize for not being too terribly active as of late. I have no real excuse.

    1. RickR


      Hibernating is normal for this time of year.


    2. Justin


      You're doing great 👌

  23. When @Justin features your topic.

    Image result for dancing guy gif

    1. Justin


      Atari Force is an important topic! 🦸‍♂️

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