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  1. I'll accept that Alien Invaders Plus is a knock off, but Pick Axe Pete? No way! It's so different than Donkey Kong. It's about as much of a rip off of Donkey Kong as Donkey Kong was a rip off of Space Panic. Which is to say, not much.
  2. Rick Rolling was before my time. It was this past summer when it got reasonably big again when I started doing it. I love stupid garbage like this. But yeah, far and away the GBA is the most clever way to do it!
  3. The main drawback with this game for sure
  4. The Odyssey 2, man. I've heard nothing but good things about this system my entire life, as this is what my dad had as a kid. We got one just the other day and we're having a great time with it. I would have to disagree a bit. Magnavox gets points for being creative with their clones. Look at Alien Invaders Plus next to other Space Invaders clones of the time like TI Invaders and Space Armada. Those are a lot more clone-like than the Odyssey rendition, which almost seems like its own thing (almost). I myself rather enjoy Alien Invaders, but I can totally see why many would not. It has
  5. Okay, it's hard to beat rescuing the aliens at the end of Super Metroid, @nosweargamer. For this, I was trying to think of easter eggs I do every time when I play a game and this is the one. Also, there are so many hidden in the backgrounds, etc. in the Luigi's Mansion series. Especially in the first one. My sister and I explored every inch of that place when we were little. Of course, all of Link's Awakening is basically an easter egg. Wart, Kirby, Goombas, Bowser, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and even more all make an appearance. What a fantastic game that is!
  6. To accompany the horrible music thread, here's the great music thread! Post your favorite songs here and share them with everyone to enjoy. I'll start with my favorite song of all time, "Real Love" from the Beatles Anthology II.
  7. I found a video online of another unlucky soul's experience. I think my friend said this was from Ebay, but I could be wrong. By the way, said "friend" is the same guy who you gave the DS Lite. Thanks for empowering this jerk.
  8. This song, THIS SONG, might be my least favorite. I can't STAND this song at all. It's the Gangster Alley of songs.
  9. @nosweargamer why did I even click on that when I was almost 100% sure I knew what it was going to be? Joke's on you though-- you can't be Rick Rolled if you are already listening to the song! Funny story about that. Yesterday my friend gave me a copy of Pokemon Emerald for the GBA. When I turned it on, it was just a GBA video version of Never Gonna Give You Up in disguise. I couldn't be mad because of how clever that was.
  10. I'm all about sharing everyone's favorite songs, so maybe I'll star a "great music" thread in the future. For now, post those songs that just get under your skin in the worst way here! I'll start with Disco Duck. I actually used to like this song when I was little. Now I don't like it at all.
  11. Hey guys, look! My dad has been reunited with his childhood system, the Odyssey 2! Only other person I know who grew up with one is @nosweargamer. This thing rocks! I love it so much!  
    My dad is looking for a few games in particular. If anyone has duplicates for the system, please DM me.


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    2. HDN


      @nosweargamer anything he had as a kid, like Armored Encounter/Sub Chase, War of Nerves, Matchmaker/Logix/Buzzword, Volleyball, Pocket Billiards, and Computer Golf. That’s all I can remember now. He also wants Alpine Skiing, which he said he always wanted as a kid but never got.

      As for me, I’m pretty happy with what I have right now for the time being. Eventually I’d like to get Alien Invaders Plus, KC’s Krazy Chase, and ESPECIALLY Electronic Table Soccer. But for right now, I’m pretty pleased with what we all have.

      What an awesome system this is!

    3. nosweargamer


      I'll check my duplicates in the next day or two and get back to you.

    4. HDN


      @nosweargamer seems like the type of collector to have duplicates of Air Raid.

      In all seriousness, thanks for looking. 

  12. No, it’s not a game in the Mr Do series, but it’s a lot like Mr Do’s Castle with a monkey!
  13. I just realized how hard this was, so here’s a different version of the box:
  14. Atari 2600. Here’s a really tricky one. It’s a bootleg of a very popular 2600 arcade port.
  15. I’m serious, @- Ω -! I love the design of the VIC!
  16. I don’t know. I might have to go with the VIC-20.

  18. Goodbye, Woody. You were a great little system. I had you for only a year but we got to know each other so well. Now you must go back to your original owner. Farewell.

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    2. RadioPoultry


      I like those custom labels!

    3. HDN


      Oh my. I told him it was national Pac-Man day today (he doesn’t know he’s getting this) and he said that he got it for Easter when it first came out. I guess he’s getting it for Easter again!

    4. HDN


      My woody is gone now. But I did get this!


  19. @nosweargamer look what came in the mail today! Your favorite game!


  20. I getcha. Posting jail sucks! I’ve been there all too many times. Here’s one of my all time favorite Atari 2600 pieces. It’s a common game too. This was ripped off the cartridge for the Sears version, but it’s the same art as the box. Really great game too.
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