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  1. Hint: there were two different adaptations of it on the system!
  2. Platform: Atari 2600 Two kingdoms wage war Attempts to vault each other Versus the rogue devs!
  3. DON’T YOU DARE SAY THE G. WORD! You call yourself the No Swear Gamer, yet you just said the most offensive, repulsive two words around! All jokes aside, you got it. Ugh, I hate this game so, so, so much.
  4. We might have to start! This thread really blew up! Platform: Atari 2600 Dear Lord help us all! This crosshair game is horse $#!+ Ed, just blow me up!
  5. Well, guess who’s an idiot? I recorded the entire Atari Night video... but forgot to turn on my microphone!

    1. intellicolecovisonary


      I suggest that you dub in the commentary and make it sound out of sync like a badly dubbed Kung Fu flick. 

    2. HDN


      I’ve already started recording a redux. But that would have been a good idea!

  6. I finally got around to filming Atari Night part two! Stay tuned for the video!

  7. Platform: Atari 2600 Imagic’s “Star Ship” Different from the Nintendo Not quite Starmaster.
  8. Platform: Intellivision George Plimpton tells me That it’s better than Home Run. But that one made SENSE!
  9. I give it crap, but I actually rather like the 7800 version. I shouldn’t, but I do. I’ll try those computer versions sometime. Right now, I’m playing your OTHER favorite game. You know the one. Fowl versus PhD?
  10. That is........... correct! Whew, the lag was pretty bad there!
  11. Platform: multiple (but this is about the 7800 port) The lag’s real! You could Watch “Godfather” trilogy Before your guy kicks.
  12. You’re pretty good, here: (point) Keep going, boy, you’re doing real well! Once you get rid of Ganon, we can get back to fishing! And @socrates63, about the bonus point: you want it? It’s yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies!
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