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  1. My son gave me a gift of NES "Top Gun" yesterday.  My goal is to land the plane on the carrier.  I failed a few times, but now I've read the manual.  I won't let you down this time, Goose. 


    top gun 001.JPG

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    2. Justin


      I have a lot of great memories with this game! That's nice gift.

    3. MaximumRD


      RickR to be clear, I was not being a smart ass (I certainly can be 😜) but yeah, my console since receiving it has what can only be described as a weird plastic "toxic" or "chemical" odor, like turpentine or a fresh black marker or something 😆something, and I mean STRONG, which seems to come from the paint or plastic itself (I have a RED model as well) consider I have a poor sense of smell but I noticed it immediately but assumed it would dissipate over time but to my surprise to this day it has barely subsided. I have seen others mention the exact same thing so not just me, I suspect a certain percentage that came off the assembly line may of had this issue that was later resolved. 

    4. RickR


      Well that sucks.  I have a very sensitive nose, so that would really bother me too.  

      For a long time, something in my cabinet smelled like tacos.  Not a bad smell, but weird.  After months of wondering, I found it by process of elimination when we got new carpets and I had to empty out the cabinet.  It turned out to be a video camera bag that was inside a cardboard box!  


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