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Atari I/O Newsbreak - 1.1.16


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The rules for the month said no emulators. Or I would have.



That's not true, we'll always allow emulators so everybody can join in! The Squad Challenge rules say: "Games may be played on real Atari hardware, dedicated (Flashback) console, or emulation, using any joystick or keyboard" The only thing that's not allowed are cheats, hacks, and emulator enhancements that would help somebody cheat. For example, you can't slow down the game, become permanently invincible, or have unlimited lives. The rules will always stay mostly the same, the only rules that are likely to change month to month are autofire.


Here's what was posted for Planet Smashers: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/1338-squad-challenge-planet-smashers-atari-7800/

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