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Atari Lynx: A romance of high scores and low batteries

Video 61

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I remember my first encounter with a Lynx II pick up.  I got it new in box from Game X Change headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas.  I traded some stuff in and was not sure what to do with the store credit.  I found the Lynx in box with a few games included inside a glass case.  I went back later to use the rest of my credits for a power supply, large case, and few more titles.  I think I took in my Saturn at the time.  


I thought the Lynx was a wonderful system.  Small, sleek, color, and backlit.  It also had games I was familiar with like A.P.B., Gauntlet, Joust, California Games, topped the list.  Before I could go back and pick up more titles the store sold them all off at a discount to get rid of them.  I ended up parting with my Lynx and games later for one reason or another.  I hope to pick one up again sometime as it is a really good handheld.  I'll have to keep lots of rechargeable batteries on hand ;)

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Hi, fellow Atarians,


I have been playing "Electrocop" on my Lynx II quite a bit. I love the way it scrolls and plays. Also, the graphics were quite innovative at the time. Surely, the music is repetitive and some of the levels look the same. I think that it may be more difficult than some think, but that's just me. Anyway, we're looking at a game that was one of the first Lynx games ever made. When you have a new system comes out, even the developers still need to tinker with it and the games to get the full potential of the system. This can take a while. I agree that "Electrocop" could have been more. But, being the game that it is, it still really shines. Sometimes, being it is a side-scroller, it kind of reminds of "Metroid," only it has robots instead of aliens in a building on a future Earth. Kind of a combo of "Metroid" and "Xybots," don't you think? Cool idea, though.


Thanks for letting me share. :)

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15 hours ago, kamakazi20012 said:

I've never played Electrocop on the Lynx.  I think Epic MegaGames made a similar game of the same name on the PC.  Not sure.  Will have to look.

If you get a chance to play it, it is actually quite impressive. The graphics and game play are top-notch for a handheld game system of the 1990s. I have played it on and off for two years, and I still have to find and beat the Criminal Brain. It is a maze that you have to figure out on our own. I want to map it, so I can figure it out. That way, I know where everything is. That makes it even more fun, for me anyway.

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