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NSG's Ye Olde Video Game Shoppe!

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Welcome one and all to my emporium, where I list retro games of the past for sale before posting them on the bay, with a special discount for faithful forum members. All prices include shipping and the inventory may be changing, so come again soon!


Games work but condition may vary (for instance label stains, missing end labels, marks & so on), so if ye require more pictures, make ye request known!

FYI - I'd prefer to sell, but am open to trades too.

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Are Secret Quest, Jr. Pax Man & Solaris still available?


Sorry, but after waiting a week, I posted some of the games on the bay and Jr Pac & Solaris got sold.


However, I still have Secret Quest. Let me know if you want it.


I haven't listed most of the boxed games on the bay yet, but plan to soon.

I just went through and updated what games are no longer available too.

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